Cryomassage persons

Cryomassage face eliminates some cosmetic appearance defects using cold. The essence of the procedure  Cryomassage face with liquid nitrogen in the cabin
 clear already from its name, and is complex massaging elements in combination with exposure ice or liquid nitrogen.

Methods cryomassage Review is quite complicated, so it is better to entrust the conduct of the expert-certified beautician. Even a small mistake in the technique of cryomassage face can cause ice burns and as a result of it - to the appearance of scars or scars.

Age contraindications for cryomassage person is not, but most of this procedure is suitable when the face appear signs of fatigue or the first signs of skin aging (such as facial wrinkles, laxity and lethargy).

Cryomassage face with liquid nitrogen

Before the procedure, the face of liquid nitrogen cryomassage the substance is placed in a special thermos where nitrogen at - 196 ° C is in a liquid form. On the face of the liquid nitrogen is applied to a wooden spatula with a cotton swab, respecting the basic rules of a facial massage. To a solution of nitrogen did not have time to evaporate, movement of the doctor-cosmetician should be fast enough.

After contact with skin it dries nitrogen narrows enlarged pores and blood vessels, resulting in a rate of the sweat and sebaceous glands, improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation. The duration of treatment cryomassage reviews for experienced professionals must not be greater than 5 - 10 minutes, this time is enough to skin became smooth and even in appearance.

Indications for cryomassage face with liquid nitrogen will be a visible reduction in skin elasticity, its slackness and laxity, the first fine lines, dark circles, dark spots on the face, warts and some benign growths on the face, the sebaceous glands hyperactivity face, enlarged pores, swelling of the person after rejuvenating beauty treatments, acne on the face (including pink).

Before spending cryomassage face people with warts, it is important to make sure that they are superficial and benign.

Cryomassage face with liquid nitrogen can not be carried out if the face or herpes rash pustular, if the body gives an allergic reaction to exposure to cold. Violations of the general state of the organism may also be a contraindication for the procedure, such as epilepsy, and convulsive conditions, frequent headaches, migraine and other diseases of the nervous system.

Cryomassage at home

Cold Skin contact causes the first sharp contraction (spasm) of its vessels, and then the extension. It improves blood circulation, accelerates metabolism, exercise vascular walls.

Useful properties of cold can be used for the recovery of the skin and in the home. To do this, fit the frozen pieces of fruit and ice cubes with herbal extracts or the addition of natural juices. Vitamins and minerals are coming directly to the skin.

Cryo at home can be carried out directly with ice cubes, and using a cellophane bag with ice. They are applied to the skin and move the massage lines face light and gentle movements.

If the skin has excessive dryness, ice useful to add frozen fruits and vegetables - kiwi, cucumber, grapes. As soon as they begin to defrost, they carried on the skin of the neck, face light rubbing movement.

If  Cryomassage face with ice
 the problem of excessive fat skin associated with hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands, is for the person to be useful cryomassage frozen citrus.

If you want to get rid of age spots and freckles on the face, in the ice to face cryomassage add lemon juice.

Peppermint ice helps to fight wrinkles and scars.

In order not to trigger an ice burn this way cryomassage, reviews, should not last longer than 3 - 5 minutes. During this procedure, a person experiences a slight tingling and coldness.

The result is noticeable after the first procedure - the skin is smoothed, the complexion becomes smooth, fade wrinkles and warts, excessive greasiness, pores are narrowed. For prolonged effect it is recommended to undergo cryomassage persons from 10 - 15 procedures. Between each session must be an interval of at least 2 days.

Cryomassage face well with holding other cosmetic manipulations, for example, mechanical or ultrasonic cleaning person, the introduction of Botox.