Crayons hair

Crayons hair are special pastel chalks to give a certain color or hair color.

Especially small hair

Colored  Crayons hair easily erased and washed with water
   Hair crayons are easy and safe alternative to hair dyes. Thanks to this fine strands can be painted in bright colors, to create original hairstyles and put locks in a certain form. Curls can be isolated in braids, and apply a gradient with a soft transition from one color to another, and dark shade in a light tone.

Positive feedback crayons have hair like the original means of rapid staining using dry pastels or oil substance. Finely hair can be colored tips and give the brightness of the upper strand.

Before staining is due to the use of hair conditioning protective and moisturizing agents (conditioners, masks, etc.). Blonde girls is better to use a special shampoo to maintain the brightness and shine.

Crayons hair easily erased and washed with water, it is better to apply during the day and removed before bedtime. Good reviews for Hair crayons are both easy means for coloring that do not aggravate the hair without destroying their structure and let you experiment with color, choosing the most suitable option.

How to use crayons for hair

Crayons hair must be used by following certain rules of application and maintenance. On how to use crayons hair depends on the desired end result and the effect of staining.

The process of applying chalk to the hair takes place in several phases, which include:

  • preparing special tools and instruments (forceps, utyuzhok, varnish, protective spray, hair dryer, etc.);
  • shampoo conditioner without further application;
  • small ones for moisturizing the hair pigment which becomes saturated with moisture and persistent;
  •   staining strands in one direction over the entire length (or just the tip) with one or more flowers and simulating gradient;
  • Use a protective spray to enhance the shade;
  • drying and curling hair with tongs or ironing;
  • fixing the individual strands or the entire hairstyle via hairspray.

After drawing chalks hair should be combed comfortable and delicate wooden comb. The strands can be  Crayons hair in bottles
 twist before applying the pigment to better stain along the entire length.

Among the various kinds of small hair is better to choose a soft pastel, which is well dyed her hair will not crumble and keeps for a long time. Oil Pastels quickly lose color, weigh down the hair and washed off badly with them. To select a color to color one strand and, if necessary, rinse it, and the alternation of several colors allows you to select the most appropriate color.

Pastels should not be applied frequently, as they can dry the hair. As a good protection for the hair, you can use nourishing conditioner, protective balms and moisturizing mask.