Cosmeceuticals - reviews, tips, recommendations
 Direction is formed at the interface between cosmetology and pharmacology, called cosmeceuticals. The term was first proposed in 1961 by the American MD Raymond R. Reed, and then popularized by the American dermatologist Albert Kligmanom.

The advent of cosmeceuticals was due to the fact that in the 80s Hollywood stars set the fashion for a tan, excessive enthusiasm which led to accelerated photoaging actresses - their faces covered with a mesh of wrinkles fatal. It is spurred by many dermatologists to numerous experiments and creation of products, eliminating the skin defect.

Particular success in the development of such funds reached cosmeceuticals Albert Kligman, many years experimenting with retinoic acid, which, under US law, a drug, and has a number of serious side effects. It Kligman first suggested the possibility of using this acid as care for damaged UV rays and wrinkled skin, and found that it is able to:

  • Revitalizes the skin;
  • To support the formation of collagen;
  • Smoothes out wrinkles;
  • To reduce the number of actinic keratosis;
  • Was attached to the skin gentle glow.

Picking the appropriate concentration of retinoic acid, Kligman established new procedures and products based on it, and in order to identify by means of the number of less-efficient counterparts, decided to use the term "cosmeceuticals".

Nowadays, the term is synonymous with the phrase "Cosmetics", many manufacturers produce products under the same name, is both a cosmetic and a drug. Initially, funds cosmeceuticals made for the age category of 50 years, now benefit from the achievements of this trend can and younger consumers.

Cosmeceutical 1 level

All cosmetic products can be divided into the following categories:

  • Funds for the mass market;
  • Cosmetics for the mid-market;
  • Cosmetics "Lux";
  • Professional beauty products.

Means cosmeceuticals subdivided according to its effect and cost into three levels - first, second and third. So the first level include therapeutic and prophylactic preparations for the care of average quality and efficiency of working in the surface layer or layers of the skin (epidermis) to the basement membrane. In the production of such funds cosmeceuticals using the latest achievements of pharmacology, the naturalness of a part of the components of the question, although the producers did not miss the occasion to refer to them and include a list of the ingredients used. Sold 1 means the level cosmeceuticals in pharmacies, the implementation of other channels is excluded.

Renders such products is to effect:

  • Lively, nourishing and moisturizing effect on the epidermis;
  • In the temporary elimination of dryness or oily skin with regular use;
  • The elimination of small and smoothing wrinkles by not more than 35%.

According to reviews, cosmeceuticals first level does not solve the problems in the deeper layers of the dermis, which is due to high molecular weight active ingredients. Representatives of the companies in this category are Vichy, Phyto, Uriage, Green line, Lierac and others.

Cosmeceutical 2 levels

The active components of this category of professional products cosmeceuticals work in the epidermis and dermis. For their production, use natural bioactive ingredients obtained through the use of high technology and the latest scientific developments in the science of healthy cells - Nutrition. Cosmeceuticals Level 2 is recommended for psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis and other skin diseases, it does not contain the toxic, potentially dangerous or unnecessary substances to the skin.

Buying cosmeceuticals pharmacies or through network marketing, it is important to pay attention to the composition, as in the production of 2-level shall not contain ingredients such as high molecular weight elastin and collagen of animal origin, synthetic liposomes, placenta extract and synthetic farmkomponenty.

According to reviews, cosmeceuticals 2 levels on average for 90 days of use to achieve maximum effect in the form of smoothed small (80%) and a decrease of deep (70%) of wrinkles and improving skin elasticity (90%).

For products Level 2 does not occur addiction, their hypoallergenic is 97-98%, few representatives of this category are companies such as:

  • Amway;
  • Neways;
  • NSP;
  • RBC;
  • Irwin Naturals.

Professional cosmeceuticals Level 2 not only improves the aesthetic appearance of the skin, but also works at the cellular level, providing a therapeutic effect.

Cosmeceuticals 3 levels

 Description Modern cosmeceuticals Level 2
 Production attributable to this level cosmeceuticals, has an effect on the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis, includes all the advantages of Level 2, but is able to more deeply and effectively work on all layers of the skin. Cosmetics are produced using nanotechnology and achievements of orthomolecular medicine, they are almost completely satisfy the needs of the skin in the diet inhibit infection, strengthen the structure of the skin (elastin and collagen fibers), restore alkaline balance and regenerate the epithelium.

According to reviews, cosmeceuticals Level 3 is almost completely smoothes small and deep wrinkles reduces, improves skin elasticity and firmness - externally, it looks clean and well maintained.

Professional cosmeceuticals is not sold in pharmacies and is not addictive, it is mainly spread by the marketing networks, it is expensive, but overpriced justify the resulting effect.

Cosmeceuticals - a new trend in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals available to all segments of the population, as distributed by levels and pricing. Included in the ingredients such means, in particular, used for the second and third level of medical cosmetics, natural. The list of technologies used in production, and include nanotechnology, the latest developments in the pharmaceutical and orthomolecular medicine and modern achievements of Nutrition.