Contour nasolabial folds - reviews Women
 Contour - a procedure special gels fill wrinkles (fillers). This technique is used to correct the cheeks and facial contours, lines and wrinkles of any depth, change the shape and volume of the lips, as well as underscore its path.

Procedure contouring nasolabial folds

Before the procedure to select suitable drug, and calculated the amount needed for administration. The amount of gel varies from 0, 5 to 2 ml, and sometimes more.

When contouring nasolabial folds needle is injected under the wrinkle area depressions or intradermally. Actually gel is injected at the outlet, thereby replenishing the missing volume and lifting the fold above the skin.

Technique of administration may be different, depending on the injection site. For example, when the correction lip shape generally first created loop, and then to their volume is adjusted. Thereafter, the physician gently massaging gel injection zone for its uniform distribution in the tissues.

According to reviews, with contouring nasolabial folds present pain, which is understandable, as are injected directly into the skin. For pain patients are encouraged to block anesthesia (injections) or anesthetic cream.

It is worth noting that the use of painkillers provokes severe swelling, which eliminates the effect of multiple treatments. Today, there are fillers based on hyaluronic acid and lidocaine in order to reduce bleeding during contouring.

The obtained result is stored on the procedure 6-12 months. It depends on many factors: the insertion depth of the gel, the viscosity of the preparation, correctable area, lifestyle and individual characteristics of the particular patient. The mime active zones, which include the nasolabial folds, the drugs are absorbed faster. The effect of the procedure lasts only a few months, if the patient has severe skin dryness or he suffers from thyroid disease.

Fillers for contouring nasolabial folds

Most often, the correction of problem areas held fillers based on hyaluronic acid (Restylane, Surdzhiderm, Juvederm). In the opinion, for contouring nasolabial folds are best these drugs, as they are completely safe and do not cause allergies. However, in gels based on hyaluronic acid has its disadvantages: re-adjustment is required within 6 months.

Less commonly used for contouring fillers based on calcium gidroksipatita, for example Radiesse. The introduction of the gel does not differ from injections of hyaluronic acid, the only difference in the structure of the active substance. Analog gidroksipatita calcium contained in the bone, so preparations on its basis are also safe. The advantage of this compound is that it contributes to the self-production of collagen by the human body, and, as we know, this protein - the key to healthy and beautiful skin. The downside of drugs based on gidroksipatita calcium is the fragility of the resulting effect - just 6-12 months.

Contraindications for contouring

Age restrictions for the procedure there. It is much easier to correct wrinkles on the early stages of their favorites.

However, the procedure contouring nasolabial folds still has some contraindications:

  • Allergic reactions to components of the preparation;
  • Systemic autoimmune diseases;
  • Aggravation of viral and infectious diseases;
  • The tendency to form keloids and hypertrophic scars;
  • The aggravation of chronic diseases of the skin;
  • Taking certain drugs (eg, anticoagulants);
  • Diseases of internal organs;
  • diabetes;
  • The transferred shortly before the procedure, a chemical, laser or mechanical peeling;
  • Pregnancy and lactation.

At the slightest suspicion of the presence of contraindications, or in the case of unfavorable forecasts physician is necessary to abandon the procedure, since the risk may be justified.

Complications after contouring nasolabial folds

While the percentage of adverse effects from fillers correction is small and is only 1-5% of cases, even before the procedure should be familiar with the possible complications after contouring nasolabial folds:

  • Strong pain. You can reduce the sensitivity of using fillers with lidocaine;
  • Swelling and bruising. For their prevention needs to be treated in advance preparations, which strengthen blood vessels. If the swelling and bruising is still there, use gels with heparin, concoctions or horse chestnut extract;
  • Inflammation, the formation of fibrous capsules, and granules. Dermatologist must choose filler and its dosage, based on the type of skin. Sometimes prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Good prevention of complications is an elementary respect for the rules of hygiene, as well as conducting the procedure in a specially equipped room. In the case where the inflammation could not be avoided, it may require surgical intervention;
  • Allergic reactions. If this happens, it is crucial to help the patient to make an injection of corticosteroids;
  • Bulging or gel migration. Eliminate this complication contouring nasolabial folds can be only through injections of hyaluronidase session, which is able to break down and excrete the previously introduced hyaluronic acid. In the case of fillers based on calcium gidroksipatita, treatment may be delayed;
  • Embolism. When squeezing blood vessels fillers of low viscosity or it too deep administered during the day there is a painful redness and swelling flows into necrosis with scarring. In the case of embolism assigned symptomatic therapy.

Knowing the causes of complications, as well as ways to address them can control the process and to be sure of the success of the procedure.

Prevention of complications after contouring

 Contour nasolabial folds - complications and health risks
 Reduce the risk of unintended consequences contouring nasolabial folds almost to zero is possible, if take care of prevention, which is carried out before the procedure. Preventive measures include:

  • Appeal to experienced professionals. The physician should take into account the individual characteristics of the patient and possible contraindications and, on this basis, to choose the optimal method of preparation and its administration;
  • Aspirate before injecting filler;
  • Using a blunt cannula;
  • Gentle route of administration;
  • The use of anesthetics with epinephrine;
  • Introduction to the total volume of the drug in small doses over several sessions;
  • Overlay hladopaketa after handling;
  • The final correction of the massage area.

Deciding to contour plastics nasolabial folds, you need to know about this method of rejuvenation as much as possible to the results of the procedure can only be glad.