Chemical hair straightening

 Before and after chemical hair straightening
 There are two ways of hair straightening - thermal and chemical straightening. Chemical hair straightening - cardinal and not a harmless change in the structure of the hair. Straightening chemicals penetrate into the hair shaft, destroying the disulfide bonds and make straighten curls and waves. After chemical straightening hair can be combed, washed, laid in her hair, without fear that they zavyutsya again. For this procedure, there is now a huge number of tools and resources. In a review of the chemical hair straightening states that can not be subjected to this procedure, the pre-dyed with natural dyes or chemical hair.

Means for chemical hair straightening

For hair straightening chemical method usually used a chemical straightening, neutralizer shampoo designed specifically for this procedure, protective cream and conditioner for hair straightening. Straightening most commonly used formulations based on caustic soda, sodium hydroxide, ammonium thioglycolate or guanidingidroksida.

Means for chemical hair straightening based on sodium hydroxide facilitates the opening of the hair cuticle. It penetrates the cortex of the hair shaft, softens and changes its structure. The higher the concentration of sodium hydroxide in chemical means, the stronger the structure of damaged hair after straightening, and the stronger the effect will be noticeable smoothing. Chemicals with sodium hydroxide are typically used for very large curls. The action of chemical agents with ammonium thioglycolate much less aggressive. Drugs with this chemical compound is used for straightening curly hair is not very.

The strongest medications for rectification based on caustic soda. Soda solution concentration for this procedure may be from 5 to 10% and the pH - from 10to 14 (dependent upon factors and conditions hair straightening). In a review of the chemical hair straightening confirmed that the higher these figures, the faster-acting remedy, but also the greater the damage to the hair by straightening.

Means for chemical hair straightening hair with guanidingidroksidom cause much less damage than funds with caustic soda, but their effect is weaker. Preparations based guanidingidroksida degrease the scalp. Therefore, when using these drugs should not forget the special conditioner to the scalp.

Barrier creams in chemical straightening act as a protective barrier, protecting the skin from burns. Neutralization stop the action of chemicals and restore the normal pH balance of the scalp.

The chemical hair straightening

Chemical hair straightening starts at the head and combing hair separation into individual strands. Then individually selected chemical agent (depending on the degree of curly hair). When using the drug with sodium hydroxide pretreated hair shampoo. If the vehicle is used on the basis of ammonium thioglycolate, then wash hair with shampoo is not necessary.  Goldwell - a series of tools for chemical hair straightening

If you use strong chemicals on your scalp and hair certainly beforehand applied sunscreen (or a special comb brush). Then, all of the hair treated with a chemical agent, starting from the back. Over time the hair is washed thoroughly with water, and then coated with a special tool. This tool fixes the results of rectification and neutralizes the effect of chemicals. The hair is then rinsed again thoroughly warmed and dried with a towel.

It is not recommended to straighten your hair after a perm procedure. Chemical hair straightening is best left to professionals, since only an expert will be able to properly assess the condition of the hair and find the right drug for rectification, and set the time for the effective conduct of the procedure.

Hair straightening will always direct. Re-alignment should be done only on the regrowth of hair.

Hair Care after chemical straightening

After chemical hair straightening is necessary remedial treatment and special care. In the early days after the procedure rectification can not pull hair barrettes and bands. Once or twice a week, you need to feed your hair with special masks. When shampooing the hair after chemical straightening is best not to dry the hair dryer, and naturally, do not use curling irons.

Chemical hair straightening technology Goldwell

Japanese-German company has developed a permanent hair straightening technology. This method can be used even straighten permed. Hair after chemical straightening technology Goldwell become smooth and perfectly straight, keep them healthy natural shine, they appear more severe. In the preparations for hair straightening technology Goldwell includes vitamins, silk proteins, cationic polymers, pH control system, essential oils, betaine. These means are suitable for all types of hair.