Brazilian hair straightening

Brazilian hair straightening is a modern cosmetic procedure helps to remove unruly curls and restore damaged hair structure.  Brazilian hair straightening - hair smoothing treatment using keratin

The action procedure is carried out by a special cosmetic complex, which contains keratin - the organic substance, which is the main component of human hair and gives him the power, smoothness, shine and well-groomed appearance.

Brazilian keratin was developed in 2006 by Israeli scientists and is a natural non-chemical origin substance containing a liquid keratin molecule, synthesized artificially from wool of New Zealand sheep. "Brazilian," the procedure is called by analogy often treated hair type.

When applied to the hair under heat keratin collapses, turning into a transparent, sufficiently hard layer that helps protect hair from the outside and inside. The material not only gives the hair shaft attractive appearance, but also protects it from UV rays, chlorinated sea water, wind and frost.

Brazilian hair straightening exclude chemical effects: means destroys disulfide bonds, and gently stretches and straightens them throughout the structure. Thus, after the Brazilian hair straightening become stronger, denser and elastic.

Brazilian hair straightening procedure

According to reviews, the Brazilian hair straightening is carried out in such a way:

  • Professional Master washing her hair with a special shampoo. It provides an intensive cleansing of hair care, skin oils and dust for deeper penetration into the cuticle keratin. Thus, the hair is more susceptible to the action of the composition;
  • The next stage - drawing tools on a lightly-dried hair. Departing from the roots of about 1 cm, a specialist strand by strand causes keratin in the hair structure. As a result, each hairs become covered with a protective layer of protein;
  • The third step of the process of Brazilian hair straightening is the key - with a special ironing, do not burn and do not damage the hair, the wizard performs "sealing" of the protein composition. This part of the hair care the most laborious and duration: each strand is processed manually by 5-8 times. Brazilian hair straightening after smoothed and get healthy shine;
  • The final part of the procedure. After the "seal" the hair again washed with a special shampoo, dried with a towel and applied to the surface of the protective air conditioning. After 15 minutes, means very carefully wash (so that part of it was left on the hair), hair dried and straightened utjuzhkom well.  Before and after the Brazilian Hair Straightening

Before straightening is not recommended to perm and color my hair. Also, do not go to the beauty salon for this purpose pregnant and lactating women.

The effect of the procedure, Brazilian Hair Straightening, reviews, lasts about four months, after which the keratin starts gently washed away, restoring the hair its former structure.

Hair Care after Brazilian hair straightening

Within 72 hours after the procedure is forbidden to wash your hair and put, to use traditional means of care, as well as injure pins, clamps, rigid hoops. To keratin is not washed out of the hair ahead of time, it is not recommended to use cosmetics containing silicone, sulfates and parabens. The most common salons performing Brazilian hair straightening, offer their customers cosmetic care products treated locks that prevent premature loss of smoothing effect.

Repeating the procedure of Brazilian hair straightening should be carried out not earlier than one month after the last treatment.