Bioreinforcement - a method of non-surgical skin lifting is performed by injecting a special gel, which includes hyaluronic acid. Usually, the person doing bioreinforcement to smooth all kinds of age-related changes and signs of gravitational aging.  Bioreinforcement - a method of non-surgical facelift

In the opinion of bioreinforcement helps eliminate wrinkles and make the surface less noticeable deep, remove sagging skin, prevent new wrinkles, correct contour and shape of the face.

Procedure bioreinforcement

The procedure involves an injection under the skin of the carcass material, a kind of bio-stimulator, which runs the processes of restoration and renewal of the skin.

Before the procedure, the doctor-cosmetician determines which areas of the face is necessary to inject anesthetic skin and processes. This allows for completely painless procedure.

Before cosmetology began to apply special biogels, they use the "golden thread". Actually, bioreinforcement "golden threads" and Biogel have the same meaning - stimulation of cells in the synthesis of collagen and elastin and the removal of skin defects. However, the main advantage of the bio-gel is that it is based on hyaluronic acid, which is a completely natural component and ensures lasting results and no adverse reactions.

Bioreinforcement procedure does not take long - about one hour. To effect was sustained, it is necessary to make at least three treatments with an interval of 2-4 weeks. However, as a rule, doctors treatment for each patient is assigned individually, depending on the age and condition of the skin. The main purpose is to eliminate cosmetic defects.

What drugs are used to bioreinforcement face?

The advantage, of course, is given to drugs based on hyaluronic acid, but they are not the only ones. Drugs used for bioreinforcement procedure can be divided into three groups:

  • Synthetic polymers. These drugs are banned for use in many countries. This is due to the fact that they have a very short duration, and they have a mass of side effects and addictive skin;
  • Bioreinforcement hyaluronic acid. The best option due to the almost complete absence of side effects and the stability of the result;
  • Polylactic or polylactic acid. This is a relatively new technique, since the use of these drugs by domestic cosmetologists began just a couple of years ago. In the opinion of bioreinforcement using polylactic acid has a more pronounced effect. However, there are significant drawback - a short period of use of the drug. While it is unknown how long the effect of it.

Indications for the procedure bioreinforcement

 Procedure bioreinforcement persons
 Mostly bioreinforcement face designed for middle-age category, and the indications for the procedure are clear signs of skin aging: drooping corners of the mouth, over the eyes and brows, sagging skin folds, changing the contour of the chin and lower jaw, pronounced nasolabial folds. It happens that on request bioreinforcement used to increase the individual parts of the face (chin, cheeks).

The procedure is an alternative to traditional plastic surgery. Bioreinforcement using hyaluronic acid not only performs the function of plastic, but also preventive, as it allows for a few years to delay the emergence of overt signs of gravitational aging.

The effect of bioreinforcement on reviews of patients is growing for several months, peaking in the fourth month.

Advantages of the procedure bioreinforcement

  • The effect is visible immediately after the procedure and increases for several months;
  • The result is stored for 1-2 years.

In modern cosmetology bioreinforcement persons employed in addition to contour plastic, biorevitalization, mesotherapy.

Recommendations after injection

After the procedure bioreinforcement not recommended for two weeks to visit the pool, bath or sauna. You also can not sunbathe and do a facial massage for one week.

After the procedure may cause slight swelling and bruising, which are imperceptible to the eye, but can be felt by palpation. However, it passes quickly.

Contraindications Bioreinforcement

Absolute contraindications procedure has not. It is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding, infectious skin diseases, hypersensitivity to the components of the preparation administered, acute inflammatory processes. It is also an obstacle for the procedure can become a patient receiving anticoagulants.