Bikini design

Bikini design - a set of procedures that includes topiary or depilation, hair coloring and the use of decorative elements (beads, sequins and feathers) in the bikini area.  Female bikini design

Intimate areas that are treated so delicate and sensitive that the master who conducts the procedure must have appropriate knowledge in the fields of asepsis, antisepsis and anesthesia.

The bikini design popular as traditional patterns with butterflies, hearts, name partner and characters, mazes and old Germanic runic letters.

Fashion design for the bikini area came from ancient Rome, where the rich and noble personas removed unwanted hair clippers, and the rest of the hair dye with natural dyes specially trained this case slaves.

In Egypt, the procedure for removing hair in intimate places were popular among the upper class Egyptian society. They used various herbal mixture for hair removal, the hair dyed with natural dyes, and using henna create ornate patterns.

In Asia in the areas of hair removal bikini for a long time is the norm, as it is considered part of the hygienic process, but there hair is completely removed, coloring and creating drawings there was not popular.

In Europe, bikini design became popular much later, only in the 60s of the last century when came into fashion swimwear bikini, and became popular nudism.

Procedural steps salon bikini design

Before going to the salon hair should be at least 5-6 mm. After the procedure, you need to take a shower with great care not to damage the image or hurt irritated skin, it is strictly forbidden to visit a solarium and sunbathing.

The first thing the customer chooses or drawing elements (crystals, feathers or beads) for selected Trimmed, then located on a special chair-couch.

Wizard disinfects the selected area of ​​skin tonic and a drawing through a stencil for bikini design. After talc with menthol treated the entire area bikini (including the perineum and anus), and then the entire surface with a spatula spreading hot wax, and after some time it is removed together with the unwanted hairs.

When the waxing phase is completed, the master goes to the cutting and coloring hair and, if necessary, completes the picture of henna temporary tattoos or making a permanent tattoo. Duration of treatment depends on the experience of the master and the complexity of the picture and can last from one hour to two.

The owner of the broad hips better to choose pictures with narrow lines, resembling a triangle up basis (stylized gull). The owner of the narrow hips better to choose the design with a large figure and broad lines. The vertical patterns visually lengthen the figure, suitable for women with low growth, and women with high growth better to draw horizontal lines. The palette of colors with the use of special paints a bit limited, mainly red, fiery red, gold and purple shades, but their use is much safer than regular hair dyes, the production of which does not take into account all the features of the skin in such a small place.

Recently, the services of an intimate designers began to use men. Male bikini design is not as diverse as women and basically means by themselves only hair removal treatments. However, there are some men who like to experiment and in addition to waxing hair and make intimate haircuts. The most popular designs for men's bikini design are the Playboy bunny, the Eiffel Tower, a quality mark and emblem of luxury cars.

With a strong desire, you can try to do bikini designs and yourself, but if you want to make the difficult and beautiful pattern, it is best to visit the salon. The visit to the salon, there are another plus: tracing the work of the master and in consultation with him, you can try to repeat the home is not hearsay, and with full knowledge of how to do it.  Design bikini in men

According to reviews, bikini design in the cabin can be done by his own sketches, but you need to be prepared for the fact that the master will make their adjustments, because it will take into account the features of shape, color, density and texture of hair, age and other factors that will underline the advantages and hide flaws.

Design bikini at home

At home, the process design bikini can be done as follows:

  • First, you must buy a special device for hair removal bikini zone (razor trimmer epilator or wax strips);
  • Then you need to decide on the pattern that you want to create. Simply buy a ready stencil for bikini design, which will be displayed already finished drawing;
  • Stencil for bikini design should be placed in the selected location of the pubic area.
  • When using an electric razor (trim or wax), it is necessary to remove hair growing in areas outside of the stencil.
  • Then you need to remove the stencil and take a shower, wash that hair removal.

Trimmers and shaver will be most effective in creating bikini design as conventional razor is inconvenient to use for this area. In addition stencils bikini design can also be used special paints for hair in the bikini area.


Procedure design bikini is contraindicated in:

  • Acute and chronic diseases and skin lesions (sores, irritation, sunburn);
  • Diabetes;
  • Varicose disease;
  • Extended lymph nodes;
  • Hypertension and coronary heart disease;
  • Herpes;
  • Communicable diseases;
  • Keloid disease;
  • Malignant skin lesions;
  • Papillomas, warts and moles in the bikini area.

Not recommended design bikini during pregnancy and in some forms of mental disorder (epilepsy) because of painful procedures. According to reviews, bikini design is better not to do two days before, during, and two days after menstruation, because at this time of increased sensitivity of the skin.