French manicure

French manicure (French) - a cosmetic procedure that is different method for applying coatings: pale pastel colors (beige or pale pink) on the white plate and finger on the outer tip of the nail.  French manicure - a special technique of applying lacquer

The inventor of the French manicure is not French, and American Jeff Pink, president of ORLY. Creating a French manicure was a response to a request from Pink Hollywood director to come up with a universal manicure, which would fit under any dress the heroines of the film (since replaced the nail polish for shooting of each scene took a huge amount of time).

Initially, these methods for coating the nails had the name «Natural look», however, as gaining popularity manicure, Pink decided to change its name to simply more refined - «French manicure».

Types of French manicure

The main feature of the French manicure - different from the color of the nail tip of the nail plate. Depending on the color and style of the coating are several main types of French manicure:

  • White classic jacket. Sleek, elegant and not too flashy. It presupposes the existence of the free edge of the nail white combined with shades of pastel nail plate. Perfect for any outfit and any situation;
  • Color jacket. It implies a choice of any color for coloring free nail plate;
  • Fan tunic or jacket vice versa. Beautiful french manicure in which the nail plate is darker, and the tip - lighter. There may also be considered variants of the nail bed with opaque and transparent free edge of the nail;
  • Stained jacket. Kind of a French manicure, which involves a build-up of the free edge of the nail using acrylic or colored gel. Thus, the nails become translucent effect of stained glass and look very unusual;
  • Millennium jacket. Bright, shiny, shiny French manicure with sequins, made using shimmering gels and acrylics. Perfect festive manicure;
  • Decorative jacket. Beautiful french manicure, implying the free edge of the nail decoration different sequins, beads, foil, sequins, dried flowers, etc.
  • Stylized jacket (floral jacket, French manicure style Barberi, etc.). Manicure in which can be used all kinds of painting and design of the free edge of the nail, and the requirements for the definition of transition "smile line" and the nail bed is practically absent.

French manicure at home

How to do a French manicure at home? Professionals recommend to buy a special set for the French manicure, which includes all the necessary tools: nail file, varnishes (white color), fix the foundation. Also in the French manicure kit can include adhesive stencils to create a "smile" on the tip of the nail.

House French manicure is done only in the classical form - it is quite simple and uncomplicated in design. Other types of tunic is recommended to professionals.

How to do a French manicure? Execution tunic involves the following steps:

  • Tray for nails (with warm water, herbal decoction or essential oil). The main feature of the French manicure - nails symmetrical form and smooth line "smile";  Decorative French manicure
  • Processing of polish. It involves softening cuticles with a special liquid and remove it with a wooden stick (edging manicure). Remove burrs tweezers, nail file gives nails a desired shape;
  • Drawing on the nail plate protective coating;
  • Gluing strips on the nails, stencils. They must be pasted so that the tip of the nail has remained free, but not more than 5 mm. The strip-limiters recommended resort if the experience to create the French manicure is minimal. Women with good skills for drawing performance tunic "smile" can use a conventional brush;
  • Application of white coating. Implemented in two coats, the second applied as drying of the first. For best results, you can paint over the free edge of the nail special white pencil on the inside;
  • Clearcoat. A final touch to the French manicure, the choice of which depends on the type of tunic. The classic version is recommended to use beige, pale pink or peach enamel; to create an unusual decoration you can use brighter shades;
  • Lacquer-fixer.

French manicure - this is a combination of simplicity and elegance: to the extent strictly, to the best gourmet. Perfect for any length of nails. It fits on the hands of women of all ages and all areas of employment.