Autohemotherapy - is a cosmetic and therapeutic procedure performed by subcutaneous or intramuscular administration to the patient of blood taken from his own veins. This methodology is based on the principle of "treating like with like." According to scientists, the blood, the bulk of which is water, "remembers" information about the existing pathologies in the body and re-introduction is a source of disease and destroys it.  Carrying out the procedure autohemotherapy

The first successful experiment was described autohemotherapy surgeon August Bier in 1905, adopted this procedure in the creation of artificial bruises to treat fractures. Subsequently, attempts were made by experts using autohemotherapy strengthen the immune system of patients with chronic inflammatory and infectious diseases, boils, etc.

Today autohaemotherapy is part of immunotherapy and widespread in cosmetology.

Principle autohemotherapy

Classical autohemotherapy procedure is intramuscular or subcutaneous administration to a patient his own fresh blood, not mixed with any materials not subjected to any stress. Most often, autohaemotherapy, reviews of those who have passed this procedure is carried out as follows: a person is taken blood from a vein and injected intramuscularly in the upper quadrant of the buttocks. In order to prevent the appearance of infiltrates (so-called areas of tissue with a characteristic accumulation of foreign cellular elements, with increased density and increased volume) to the injection site for some time applied warmer.

At the beginning of the treatment according to the classical scheme is introduced into the body 2 ml of blood, and then every 2-3 days, its volume increases by 2 ml up until it reaches 10 mL. Over the course of a patient is typically about 10-15 injections, however, in each case, the duration of treatment and the amount of introduced blood will be different.

In addition to classic, there are the following options for autohemotherapy:

  • Stepped autohaemotherapy. The principle of the procedure is the dilution of the venous blood of the patient in several homeopathic preparations, the selection of which the expert individually depending on the characteristics of the patient and the character of his illness. This blood is injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously in a single session;
  • Autohemotherapy with ozonation. The essence of this method consists in mixing the blood with ozone, which enhances its therapeutic properties, increasing the efficiency of getting rid of gynecological disorders;
  • Biopunktura. This type of treatment refers to copyright. It consists of introducing small doses of venous blood is not muscle, and pain, reflex and acupuncture points, which significantly reduce the time of therapy;
  • Treatment of blood patch. When this method autohemotherapy patient's blood undergoes certain physical effects: X-rays, ultraviolet, laser, freezing, which also allows you to enhance the therapeutic effect of autohemotherapy.

Indications autohemotherapy

A minimum of contraindications and side effects, coupled with stable positive results did autohemotherapy one of the most popular methods of treatment of indolent and recurrent disease. In carrying out this procedure, experts note persistent activation of rehabilitative and protective mechanisms of the organism, intensive healing of wounds and injuries, accelerated recovery in inflammatory diseases, increase mental and physical performance.  Autohemotherapy with ozonation

With extremely positive effect on our body, autohaemotherapy helps get rid of such diseases as:

  • Chronic cytomegalovirus infection;
  • Chronic inflammation of the uterus and appendages;
  • Genital herpes;
  • Adhesions in the pelvis;
  • Menopausal syndrome;
  • Warts, papillomatosis;
  • Infertility.

According to reviews, autohaemotherapy allows you to:

  • Get rid of the purulent processes in soft tissues;
  • Improve metabolism;
  • Strengthen the immune system;
  • Improve blood circulation and lymph flow;
  • To normalize the endocrine system;
  • Excrete toxins;
  • To restore performance, increase vitality.

Great popularity of autohemotherapy at pimples. The technique is an excellent alternative to receiving antibiotics in the presence of skin problem is not curable by means of external influence - creams, lotions, masks.

The essence of autohemotherapy when acne is to stimulate protective reactions of the organism by toxins contained in the blood, toxins, waste, other "garbage", which is a common cause of skin diseases. As a result, autohemotherapy increases immunity, which is detrimental to the pustular infections. Despite its efficiency, autohaemotherapy not relieve the patient from daily hygiene skin care.

According to reviews, the effectiveness of autohemotherapy when acne is about 80%.

Procedure venous blood transfusion has been widely used in cosmetics. At the same indications for autohemotherapy are not only skin diseases, acne, acne, and premature aging of the skin of women over 30 years. Rejuvenation of the body is due to the restoration of the endocrine and hormonal status of the patient by infusion potentiated own hormones.

Contraindications autohemotherapy

Indications for autohemotherapy myriad and restrictions can be detected a few. among them:

  • Acute myocardial infarction;
  • Psychoses;
  • Severe arrhythmias;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Cancer;
  • Pregnancy and lactation.

As contraindications to autohemotherapy unacceptable introduction of large volumes of blood, which can lead to fever, chills, muscle aches, local inflammatory reactions.

According to responses to the autohemotherapy, the procedure is not desirable to combine with antibiotics.

Autohemotherapy at home

The transfusion of his own blood - so simple procedure that carry it with testimony to autohemotherapy possible and at home. However, in this case it is necessary to observe a few important points:

  • Have minimal medical skills or use the services of a specialist;
  • Use the classic method of autohemotherapy and strictly comply with the dosage;
  • Observe sterility.

At the slightest doubt about the correctness of the procedure by autohemotherapy in the home should be abandoned and hold a session at any medical institution.

The absence of contraindications to autohemotherapy is not the cause of self-appointment procedure. In any case, prior to this therapy, the patient must undergo examination and consult a doctor.