Effective ways to remove age spots on the face
 Pigmented lesions are quite common in women, and almost any age. Their causes vary: sometimes they occur when certain pathologies (diseases of the adrenal glands, liver, ovarian, worm diseases, tuberculosis, malaria), but are often formed in healthy people. The appearance of age spots, in this case due to prolonged exposure to the sun, using the toilet water or soaps that irritate the skin and lead to its pigmentation.

To remove age spots requires an integrated approach: whitening and peeling must be combined with proper skin care, vitamin C intake and the internal treatment.

Methods for removing age spots on the face

Ways to get rid of a lot of pigmentation, but before to give preference to either method, you must find out the cause of its occurrence. Therefore, you must first pass a comprehensive examination, after which it will be clear enough to simply remove stains or requires proper treatment. If serious pathologies have been identified, you can contact one of the modern methods practiced in beauty salons:

  • Laser removal of pigment spots - microcurrent, rejuvenation and whitening function;
  • Chemical peeling - the impact of using fruit acids (contraindicated in diseases of the internal organs);
  • Ultrasonic peeling - facial cleansing with ultrasound;
  • Krioapplikatsiya - burning spots with liquid nitrogen.

All of these treatments are harmless to the skin and do not cause pain. SALON removing age spots, from the reviews, the most efficient and helps to cope even with bright pigmentation, which is very difficult to achieve at home. Folk remedies can only lighten freckles or reduce redness with small leather.

Removal of pigment spots by laser

The procedure involves the following steps:

  • Deep exfoliation;
  • Stimulation of skin renewal;
  • Gently and evenly removing pigmented sections of skin without damaging the epidermis.

Removing age spots laser stimulates not only the production of new cells in the epidermis, but protein molecules of collagen, which is the basis of connective tissue. It is because of collagen are provided such as the properties of the skin strength and elasticity.

The essence of the procedure is as follows: first, the area of ​​skin treated with microscopic crystals, a stream which is fed under high pressure. When the patient feels the movement is easily scratched. Then apply your own laser technology. The laser beam penetrates into the skin begins to affect the dot of pigment cells, crushing them into microscopic particles that would later appear on their own from the epidermis. Thus the penetration of the laser beam, as well as its interaction with the melanin has no damaging effect on the skin surface.

After the procedure, removal of pigmented spots on the laser-treated area may appear small spots of blood, but after a few days, a week at best, in the healing process, they disappear. The epidermis is renewed in 4-5 days, depending on the depth or duration of action of the laser treatment. To accelerate tissue repair after the procedure to help professional products for skin care.

The authors review the removal of pigmented spots using laser point improvement in the appearance and texture of the skin during repeated procedures. Sometimes noticeable improvement after two treatments.

Removing age spots folk remedies

If pigmentation is weak, and the spots are small, you can use the simple and effective way of whitening the skin at home. For this purpose:

  • Herbal infusions;
  • Whitening Mask;
  • Lotions (appropriate in acute pigmentation, for example, in the spring);
  • Compression (remove light stains caused by solar activity is a microdamages skin).

When removing age spots folk remedies necessary to comply with certain rules. Firstly, all the masks are applied to the pre-cleansed face and preferably at bedtime. Secondly, while the procedure itself is restricted - no more than 20 minutes. Thirdly, the need to wash bleaching mask with warm water, after which the treated areas applied skin nourishing cream. To get the maximum effect, treat the next course of 15-20 sessions.

To remove age spots on the face, you can use the following recipe:

  • Cucumber tonic. Grind in a blender 3 tablespoons peeled cucumber, pour them a glass of vodka and close tightly. Infuse until dyeing mixture in the green. The resulting tonic to grease dark spots;
  • Ointment of freckles. Mix garlic, honey, the juice of white lily and white wax (proportions of the ingredients are the same). Then, the resulting mixture is placed in a clay bowl and put in a water bath until, until the honey and the wax is melted. After this cool cream and apply on face. The procedure should be carried out in the evening for two months;
  • Tonic of calendula. Mix equal parts lemon juice, red currant and calendula. Apply daily after washing.

Prevention of age spots on the face

 Removal of pigment spots - feedback and recommendations
 If the skin is prone to pigmentation, it is necessary to provide protection from the sun all year round. You can use the tools that suppress the synthesis of melatonin, as well as cosmetics with retinol, arbutin and vitamin C. When choosing the means to care for skin should give preference to those that contain oil with natural UV filters (such as jojoba or shea) .

To remove age spots can not use the phototoxic agents. Exfoliation of the upper layers of the skin is not recommended independently, it is better to entrust the professional beautician. When highly expressed in skin pigmentation is important to protect it from the sun all the time, especially after the salon procedures.

It is important to remember that first of all identify the causes of the appearance of age spots, and, on this basis, selected further tactics. It is not necessary to actively remove pigmentation, appeared during pregnancy. In this case, the best spots to mask various cosmetics.