Mole removal by laser - the consequences and complications
 In medicine moles are considered species of benign tumors, which in most cases do not cause harm to human health. It is believed that they even give the appearance (especially female) additional charm. But not always such a neoplasm pleases its owner, because it all depends on the location of the mole, its size, color and shape.

In addition, this type of benign tumor sometimes becomes a serious threat to the body, and may indicate the emergence of a dangerous disease. In similar cases, after consultation with the doctor, often a decision to eliminate the tumor. The most common way of getting rid of a variety of warts today is laser removal of moles .

Mole removal laser features of the method

As already noted, the removal of moles the laser considered the most safe and effective way to remove these tumors. Widespread this method has gained thanks to a number of advantages:

  • Painless procedure;
  • The speed of operation;
  • The absence of scarring at the site removing moles;
  • Rapid healing of wounds after surgery;
  • Absence of inflammatory processes in situ removal;
  • The absence of postoperative complications;
  • Easy post-operative care.

Comments about birthmark removal laser in most cases positive . Patients undergoing such a procedure, note particularly its speed (5-10 minutes depending on the size and complexity of the neoplasm specific case) and the absence of pain.

At the same time, sometimes in a review of the removal of moles the laser there are other opinions. Usually, people get rid of the tumors in this method complain about the remaining scars after the procedure. This is rare, since almost 99% of the external manifestations after the removal of tumors by laser method is not available. The exception is a situation where the mole is very large and requires repeated impacts on the deep layers of the dermis.

Typically, removal of moles the laser eliminates the possibility of its occurrence in the same area of ​​the body again . Moreover, after some time, the skin at this place becomes the natural color and smoothness.

I must say that the biggest advantage of this method is the exclusion of injury neighboring healthy skin. This is due to the ability to control the penetration depth and intensity of the laser beam, which are determined by the doctor. Thus, the laser affects only the mole. This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of the method before cryodestruction (removal of moles of liquid nitrogen).

Moreover, removal of a mole performed contactlessly by laser, which helps eliminate the possibility of infection in the treatment area.

Effects of laser removal of birthmarks

Anyone who is going to get rid of tumors by laser method, be aware of the consequences of removing moles laser. We have already said that such a procedure does not imply consequences in the form of scars. However, after it is formed in situ removal of the crust, which is itself no longer a few days later. You can not detach or touch it, because in this case the formation of hypertrophic or keloid scar is almost inevitable. This scar may remain for a lifetime.

Care after laser mole removal involves first cautious attitude to such a crust . It should not be wet, lubricated with iodine or some cream. To handle the crust can only use special ointments, stimulates the regeneration of which the doctor prescribes. To self-medicate and use of traditional medicine for wound healing in such cases is unacceptable.

Also care after laser mole removal involves respect for the new skin that forms on the spot where he had previously been. Once the crust is no longer alone, it is necessary to protect the skin from all kinds of external factors.

In particular this applies to UV radiation, ie sunburn, a solarium and a long stay in the sun should be excluded until they are healed. Even if you decide to lie in the sun, you should use special creams or lotions. It is desirable that they were prescribed by a doctor.

We can say that the effects of laser mole removal is mainly directly depend on how well the patient follows all the necessary instructions   and recommendations of the doctor. However, there are rare cases that still need to know that this method leads to side effects and complications:

  • Redness after the procedure;
  • Scars and feeling of tightness of the skin on the site of removal of tumors;
  • Inflammatory disease;
  • Individual intolerance of certain drugs.

 The first time after laser mole removal - Skin Care
 Sometimes the consequence of removing the birthmark laser acts redness similar to sunburn. This is a normal reaction to the procedure too sensitive skin, which is not a cause for concern and should go on their own. When disappears is redness, it depends on the individual.

The feeling of tightness of the skin in the area of ​​remote birthmark and smaller scars often eliminated using laser correction that forever eliminates the effects of such treatments.

In rare cases, removal of moles the laser can trigger the development of inflammatory disease (eg, herpes or acne) . It is therefore recommended not to proceed with this method without first consulting your doctor.

Sometimes drugs used for skin regeneration, can cause allergic reactions in humans, due to individual intolerance of some medications.