Effective ways to remove milia (whiteheads)
 Skin problems - the lot, not only teenagers. Skin infections are common in the adult population. They appear different rashes and acne, including whiteheads or milia. These formations are small white and yellow cork that clog the ducts of the sebaceous glands. They can be of different sizes, arranged singly or in groups, usually a rash area face.

What is the whitehead

The term whitehead came from the Latin name Common millet (P. Miliaceum), so these eruptions are called Corn Bunting. In appearance they resemble eels really millet grain - round education on the skin a whitish or white, the size of a pinhead.

In fact, whitehead on his face - it closed pores, accumulated sebum, which can not come out. It is not in contact with the surface, therefore not inflamed and the pimple has a white color. But at the time it enters the bacteria can begin the inflammatory process. In dermatology distinguish 2 types of milia on the face:

  • Primary - form spontaneously, often the result of exposure to ultraviolet radiation;
  • Clinical - appear in the skin lesions of inflammatory or traumatic nature in the rumen.

The most common whiteheads poured into areas where the skin is thin: in the area around the eyes, cheeks and temples, sometimes on the nose, at least in the lower part of the face. Size formations usually does not exceed 2-3 mm, whitehead may appear singly or in groups.

The emergence of milia, the reasons

Leather - a body that is completely updated for 25-30 days, the keratinocytes that must rise to the surface and will peel. If this process is disturbed and the skin cells do not exfoliate regularly and in the right amount, they create a barrier to the release of sebum. There is a blockage of the hair follicle and sebaceous gland horny masses, resulting in formation and whitehead. This usually occurs during puberty, but perhaps in a more mature age, with women more likely than men to face this problem.

Often the cause of milia on the skin becomes wrong skin care, but their appearance could trigger the use of comedogenic cosmetics, dry skin, or, conversely, excessive secretion of fat. Factors that contribute to this unpleasant phenomenon is still not clear to the end. Experts attributed the presence of dermatologists milia with disorders of the digestive system and the liver. Another reason may be the predominance of milia fatty foods in the diet. If there is such a problem is recommended to limit consumption of fatty, fried and smoked foods, spices.

Treatment milia

Often when a milia on the face of a person begins to actively exfoliate the skin with the use of abrasive substances. This is the wrong approach, since the sebaceous gland - hormonally controlled organ has a protective function. The more frequent and more intense exfoliating treatments carried out, the more it will work, so this method can achieve the opposite effect. Doctors cosmetologists recommend to treat milia apply to beauty salons, rather than trying to get rid of them yourself. There are several methods for removing milia:

  • The mechanical method - the most common and very effective method that involves puncture eel and mechanical removal of its contents. The procedure should be performed beautician using sterile needle after thorough cleansing and disinfection of the skin. If you do not abide by these conditions, you can bring an infection, which cause inflammation. Furthermore, whitehead are small and delicate strike face region sloppy effect when removed can damage the other layers of the skin;
  • Electrocoagulation - another popular way to remove milia, which is the impact on the affected areas of the alternating electric current of high frequency. After the procedure, the treated skin forms a crust that passes quickly, leaving no trace;
  • Laser coagulation - this method on damaged skin affected by the laser. On-site treatment and formed a crust, which disappears after 2 weeks;
  • Curettage - acne scraping the special tool - a curette, is shaped like a spoon. The least effective way to remove milia, after a long stay on the skin does not heal the scars.

There are also many recipes treat milia folk remedies. Among the recipes of traditional medicine are several of the most effective:

  •  Milia - treatment and prevention
 Lotions cucumber - cucumber peel, remove seeds and peel, chop, pour boiling water or a mixture of water and milk, to insist for 4 hours and strain. From cotton or linen fabric to make the blank mask, cut holes for the eyes and lips, moisten it in the resulting infusion, apply on face and leave for 20 minutes;
  • Cranberry juice - fresh berries crushed wooden pestle, the resulting slurry is applied to the area of ​​the rash milia. Time of exposure - at least 45 minutes;
  • Oatmeal scrub - half a cup of oatmeal "Hercules" grind a blender, add a teaspoon of baking soda. Daily massage the skin after washing the resulting mixture.

Note that folk remedies milia are not universal, so if after two months of regular treatments such improvement does not occur, consult a beautician.


Preventive measure of the appearance of milia is proper skin care: regular thorough facial cleansing with various cosmetic products, according to the skin type. Of course, it is important to monitor the general health, to eat, to prevent the development of chronic diseases, give up bad habits and an active lifestyle.