Removal of birthmarks can be carried out for two main reasons :

  •  Is it possible to delete large birthmarks
 Aesthetic unattractiveness of moles;
  • Oncological indications.

Nevi are best removed in specialized medical institutions with the help of modern equipment. The choice of method Liquidation problem area is individual and depends on the location, type, and other quality characteristics of a mole. For example, removing large birthmarks usually recommended surgery, and on exposed skin is used radionozh.

When you want to delete birthmarks

It is considered a matter of taste removal birthmarks on the face or neck, and other areas that are not normally covered by clothing. But in some cases this procedure is required, in particular, after the detection of malignancy. According to international classification are several melanomoopasnyh nevi:

  • Border;
  • Blue;
  • Dermoepidermalny;
  • Intra dermal pigment;
  • Giant pigmentosa;
  • Dysplastic;
  • Melanosis Dyubreyya;
  • Okulodermalny melanotsitoz;
  • Juvenile melanoma;
  • Lentigines.

Removal of birthmarks, in the opinion of oncologists is the most effective preventive measure As etiology of rebirth nevi poorly understood. Among the adverse factors noted solar radiation, trauma, endocrine disorders, and genetic predisposition.

Prevent the development of cancer and melanomas can be only through timely diagnosis. Seek immediate Dermatooncology and choose the best method to remove moles is necessary for the following changes in the surface of the nevus:

  • The disappearance of the skin pattern;
  • The appearance of a glossy shine;
  • Asymmetry or scalloped edges;
  • Horizontal growth;
  • Burning or itching;
  • Peeling to form dry scabs;
  • Loss of hair;
  • Discoloration;
  • The appearance of depigmented areas;
  • The formation of small nodules;
  • Vertical rise above the skin;
  • Changing the consistency and softening;
  • Ulceration of the epidermis;
  • Inflammation and bleeding;
  • The appearance of satellites.

Based on these symptoms assigned laser removal of birthmarks or other acceptable means.

Methods for removing birthmarks

By modern means of removal of birthmarks include the following types of correction :

  • Electrocoagulation;
  • Cryosurgery;
  • Surgical resection;
  • The laser method;
  • Radionozh.

Electrocoagulation is carried out using a special device - electrocoagulator equipped with electrodes. They are heated under the influence of high frequency current and evaporated nevus, leaving in its place a protective crust. It prevents bleeding and protects the wound from the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms. The disadvantage is electrocoagulation burns of healthy tissue around the problem area.

Cryosurgery is based on the use of liquid nitrogen. This method of removal of birthmarks, in the opinion of specialists, allows to get rid of nevi of various shapes and sizes . Under the influence of extremely low temperatures tissue dies due to the instantaneous destruction of cells. Depending on the depth of the mole using a cotton swab soaked in liquid nitrogen, or kriodestruktory. In the latter case the needle is inserted under the skin, equipped with a thermometer. Liquid nitrogen is supplied to the lower levels of the skin, and a thermometer allows you to keep track of temperature and time to finish the procedure. With cryoablation can not completely prevent injury to surrounding tissue.

Surgical technique is illustrated in removing large birthmarks, divided into separate segments, as well as suspicions of rebirth nevi. The probability that the scars remain after surgery is very high. But sometimes it is the only way to deal with tumors, the outcome of which depends directly on the skill of the plastic surgeon.

Removal of birthmarks laser is characterized by high accuracy - the size of the wound is fully consistent with linear nevus removal options . Thus adjacent thrombosing small vessels, and blood stops immediately. Sometimes there are small traces, mainly due to improper care of the wound in the postoperative period.

 Removal of birthmarks laser - Advantages and Disadvantages
 Radio wave method is based on ionizing radiation of high power radio waves. It allows various manipulations - fulguration, coagulation, incision or excision. On the surface of the skin leaving no trace of the procedure that allows you to successfully carry out the removal of birthmarks on the face and other exposed areas. Furthermore, radionozh versatile and suitable for correction of both benign and malignant tumors.

In cases where the mole does not represent a serious cosmetic defect, and their elimination is not a necessity, it is important from time to time to watch, do not occur if spotted some changes. If redness, burning and any deformation of moles require immediate consultation of the dermatologist. If you suspect that you need to oncology histological examination of cells for accurate diagnosis of the nature of the neoplasm. The beauty clinic or cancer center removing birthmarks possible with minimal risk of complications .