Modern methods of removing moles on the face
 Birthmark - the common name for congenital or acquired education pigmented skin. In medical practice, the term "mole" as this includes the formation of derivatives from nevus cells. Moles have localization capabilities and can be located anywhere on the body, including the face. With small size, they do not spoil the appearance, on the contrary, give charm and personality. But large size nevi may cause its owner a considerable psychological discomfort. In this case, the question becomes more urgent removal of moles on the face .

Moles, their types and causes of

Birthmark - a limited area benign pigmented skin formation, which has the ability to degenerate into malignant. It can be from pale pink or flesh to dark brown or black in color, the size ranges from a pinhead to a large pea. Forms nevus can also be different: flat, convex, round or spindle-shaped.

Congenital moles is already on the skin of newborn babies. At puberty, during pregnancy and in the elderly often begins active emergence of new moles, which are called acquired. Sometimes the appearance of new nevi and the growth of existing ones may provoke injuries, sunburn, hormonal therapy or a massage.

The main danger of these structures is that they can be reborn in cancer, including melanoma. Therefore Sometimes removal of moles on the face it is necessary not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for medical reasons .

Methods of removing moles on the face

The modern development of medical technology has made rapid removal of moles and almost safe procedure. If the formation of a benign, the procedure can be carried out by any of the methods which are practiced today for this purpose. But before removing the most innocuous at first glance, a mole, you must consult a dermatologist, who may prescribe dermatoscopic study to verify the absence of abnormal cells.

Today, use the following methods of removing moles on his face:

  • Electrocoagulation;
  • The destruction of the laser;
  • Radio wave surgery.

These methods, unlike cryoablation and surgical excision moles, leave scars and characterized by short skin healing period. That is why they are actively used to remove moles on your face without scars. Only with the correct choice of method of treatment can be guaranteed a positive effect, so the procedure should be referred to qualified personnel.


This method is used for a long time, so well studied. It consists of exposing the problem area of ​​high frequency electric current, which leads to thermal shock neoplasm in other words, made from burning the skin nevi.

Among the advantages of the method are quick and bloodless - removal of moles on your face is carried out for 1 session . After the procedure the seized material can be sent to biopsy, to determine its composition and determine the presence of abnormal cells. On the other hand, is characterized by increased electrocoagulation traumatic for the surrounding tissues, there is a risk of scar formation, though unobtrusive.

Removal of moles on the face of the laser

This method - one of the most efficient, modern and safe. It is the impact on the problem of laser radiation. The small beam diameter and its ability to control the depth of penetration into the fabric provides high accuracy of the method. When removing moles on the face of the surrounding tissue laser is almost not affected, so the scars or other traces of remains .

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia, in the course of her with the help of modern laser system gradually treated surface moles, removing its one layer after another. The whole process takes about 10-15 minutes - to remove the nevus, only one procedure. Laser prevents bleeding after application to the skin is a little crust, which, in the opinion of the removal of moles on the face of this method is no longer in 5-7 days.

Removal of moles on your face without scars radio wave method

 Removal of moles on his face - patient testimonials and expert advice
 Radiosurgery - one of the most modern methods of removing skin lesions. The procedure is performed using radionozha, which allows non-contact method to remove malignant and benign tumors, almost without affecting healthy tissue. This instrument at the same time cuts, stops bleeding and disinfect the place effects that almost eliminates the appearance of scars, scars or other traces on the treated area. After removing the radiowave mole on her face in her place is a small scab that quickly disappears .

Features removing moles

The best time for the procedure - winter and autumn, as this time the lower solar activity, which is favorable for the speedy healing of the skin. For the procedure to be effective, you must comply with all recommendations of the doctor. Regardless of the method of removal after surgery in any case can not remove the crust, which was formed on the site of a mole until it is no longer itself. It is also limited to the use of scrubs and peels for six months after surgery. In periods of high-intensity ultraviolet radiation is necessary to use sunscreen and avoid direct sunlight.

It should be remembered that no one, even the most modern method of removing moles on the face, does not give a 100% guarantee   - There is always the risk that will scar or relapse happens nevus.