Complications from laser removal of papillomas
 Laser removal of warts is a destructive method of treatment of skin lesions caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). Using lasers provide a painless surgical removal of papillomas papillary small size, thus there is no risk of infection with the wounds healing well after scar remains.

After removing papillomas advised to undergo laser Full immunological examination As well as a course of antiviral treatment and laser intravascular blood purification to destroy the HPV and prevent re-occurrence of entities.

The benefits of laser removal of papillomas

In most papilloma localized at rubbing of the skin and excessive sweating: natural folds in the human body, the neck and the torso, in the anogenital and axillary region. Sometimes the papillary growths appear on the face, especially in the lower and upper eyelid that is obvious cosmetic defect and requires immediate removal.

What are the advantages of laser removal of warts?

Firstly, the process precision and contactless. This means that minimal invasiveness, and the degree of control of depth of the impact is very high.

Secondly, sterile technique, and has excellent aesthetic results. Laser rays stimulate the internal resources of the skin and the healing is much faster. Removal of papillomas laser, in the opinion of patients, does not leave visible scars in the area of ​​operations .

Third, the cost of the procedure is comparable with other treatments, and depends only on the amount fixed by protuberances in a single session.

Indications for laser removal of papillomas

There are no clear indications for the removal of warts does not exist. However, as already noted, this is dictated by the need for cosmetic discomfort and physical inconveniences that cause these formations.

When sprouting papilloma form the whole drain pockets that do not look aesthetically pleasing. Also Laser removal of papillomas on the eyelids, neck and inguinal folds is necessary due to the fact that they are often injured They begin to bleed and become inflamed, which can eventually contribute to their degeneration into a malignant tumor.

It permitted to remove both single and multiple growths located in any place, even the most delicate.

Technique of the procedure

Before the procedure is necessary to consult a dermatologist, the survey is conducted. Spot small papillomas can be removed without anesthesia, but in other cases, a local infiltration or application anesthesia.

When the operation is a semiconductor laser, a narrow beam that vaporizes the skin cell formation, thus there is a simultaneous coagulation of small blood vessels. Due to the absence of bleeding and high temperature possibility of spreading the virus during the procedure completely ruled out.

Laser technique allows to get rid of the lump 5-20 outgrowths of any size and at the right depth.

After removing papillomas laser operation in the area formed a small protective scab . After 5-7 days, the crust is peeled independently and in its place is clean healthy skin. And after 2-3 months after the procedure of laser interference leave no trace.

It should be noted that during the rehabilitation period depends on the localization of the neoplasm. So, when you remove papillomas laser century, the healing takes at least a week. In addition, on-site operations can remain small visible scars. In this case, you will need a further laser resurfacing. This is a cosmetic procedure that is not necessary, but people nevertheless go on it, because the scars on his face no one is decorated.

Skin care after removing papillomas laser

The resulting crust must be protected from water, do not apply to it creams and lotions, as well as not to use in the cosmetics area.

One of the negative effects of laser removal of warts is an infection in the wound forced stripping protective crust . In this case, the healing period is extended and the scar in the operation becomes more noticeable.

After escharotomies want to protect young skin from the sun. It is recommended to use a cream with UV filter, so that the color of the surrounding skin area and operations are aligned and in place remove papillomas do not develop age spots.

To prevent re-occurrence of papillary formations can only be integrated HPV treatment, therapies and cleansing the blood.

Contraindications to laser removal of papillomas

In order to prevent the negative consequences of laser removal of warts, you need to know contraindications for procedures :

  •  Is it possible to laser removal of papillomas century
 Inflammatory and infectious diseases;
  • Chronic diseases in decompensation stage;
  • Systemic blood diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • The active phase of the treatment of skin diseases;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Precancerous lesions and tumors;
  • Chemical peeling, conducted before the procedure (you should wait at least two weeks).

It is strictly forbidden to independent excision outgrowths deliverance by ligation or chemical means, and a pair of tweezers. Removal of papillomas laser - a fast, non-invasive and painless method that is trusted by many professionals and patients.