Removing keratitis laser - the technology and implications
 Leather - quite vulnerable organ of the human body. She often appear specific tumors, delivering some problems. Among the various skin defects stand keratomas - original skin growths. They are small patches of skin with swollen epithelial layer, which gradually takes the form crusts. Although these tumors are usually asymptomatic,   Remove keratitis - a very popular procedure . This is due to the fact that in case of accidental damage to the top layer growths can bleed some of them are able to regenerate malignant. It is also a significant cosmetic defect.

The causes of keratitis

There are several reasons for the development of skin tumors. Each of them contributes to the appearance of rough growths on the body. In most cases, this inevitably leads to the need for removal keratitis. The main reasons are considered to age-related changes in the body and adverse effects on the human skin to ultraviolet rays. Usually, these causes are interrelated.

With age, the skin loses its natural moisture, it begins to roughen the surface layer, making it difficult to sloughing of dead epidermis. As a result, in some places formed a kind of build-up of epithelial cells - keratomas. Damaging

UV rays aggravates this process. Neoplasms with a brownish tint, gradually crust, which can be very dense or, conversely, flaky. In case of damage to the top layer growths tend to become quite painful and bleeding. Some types of these growths can cause cancer.

Removal of keratitis is a kind of prevention of possible complications . In addition, this procedure allows you to solve cosmetic problem because tumors are usually located on exposed parts of the body and often are multiple.

Types of keratitis

Among the rather large number of skin lesions are most common keratitis following:

  • Senile. It is a multiple growths, covered with grayish crust that are prone to inflammation, which causes severe itching. Most often, such defects of the skin found on the face, neck, hands;
  • Solar. The development of the pathological process in the skin begins with the emergence of many scaly spots, which are covered with gray scales. As the name implies, are provoking factor ultraviolet rays. Be sure to show the removal of this type of keratitis due to possible danger, because there is a risk of degeneration into a malignant tumor growths ;
  • Seborrheic. The defect usually occurs on the scalp. Skin growths dark colors can also appear on the neck, face, extremities. The upper surface of such anomalous formations covered with deep cracks that are shelled and often bleed. With this keratomas delete, reviews which are very positive, to avoid serious consequences and, above all, of cancer.

Removing keratitis laser

There are various methods for the elimination of skin lesions. The most effective of them is such a procedure, as removal of keratitis laser. This method differs painless, rapid achievement of the desired result, the absence of complications such as scarring or scars. This makes it possible to use it on any parts of the body, including the face.

During the procedure, a laser beam is directed precisely on the keratitis, while it burns through all the layers of damaged skin to healthy tissue. As a result, and the occlusion of vessels feeding keratitis, eliminating bleeding.

After removing keratomas laser healing process of the wound surface runs fast enough for 10-14 days . During the regeneration of the skin can not take a bath, and even more so, to be in the bright sun. After the restoration of the epithelial layer should also avoid UV exposure.

There are different opinions about whether it is required or not to remove the keratome, the reviews of people who have a similar procedure, show a significant improvement in well-being, both physically and morally.

Removing keratitis at home

 Is it possible to delete keratitis at home
 Many people try to practice self-removal of skin lesions using folk remedies. It should be remembered that such treatment may be effectively only at small sizes keratitis, at the initial stage of their development. Since there is always a potential risk of cancerous degeneration of such defects of the skin, be sure to get medical advice.

The process of removing keratitis in the home includes the use of both external and internal resources . For the treatment of damaged skin often use cloth moistened with the juice of celandine, which are changed regularly. Also make applications based on oils of coniferous trees. Such procedures contribute to the softening of the build-up, reducing their bleeding and relieves itching.

Inside are herbal teas and herbal teas to help improve the metabolism, which has a positive effect on the skin as a whole. After removing keratomas to avoid negative impact on the body to sunlight.

It should nevertheless be noted that the self-treatment of tumors of the skin requires a fairly long time and, at the same time, quite seldom leads to a positive result. Given this fact, it makes more sense to remove keratitis, seek medical advice The more it is possible to choose a method of treatment. This allows you to quickly get rid of the problem and restore the physical and mental calm.