How do toning dark hair
 Toning hair - a procedure staining light shading means, not resistant paints . The appeal of this method for women is understandable: you can try out different shades to a radical change of hair color.

Advantages and disadvantages of toning

Reviews of tinting the hair is usually positive, significant shortcomings in the procedure virtually none.

One of the advantages include the following points:

  • Minor damage to the structure of the hair compared to the staining resistant paints;
  • Easy flushing tinting agents, which is ideal for women who like to experiment with the color of hairstyles;
  • The lack of clearly marked boundaries between the colored part of the hair roots;
  • Additional strengthening and nutrition through various vitamin supplements, which are contained in some tinting compositions;
  • Making the rich color and shine.

The disadvantages of the procedure are:

  • Allergic reactions to components of the coloring agents;
  • The need for regular tinting the hair to maintain the color as the dye quickly and easily washed out;
  • The ability to change the hue of only 2-3 pitch that is a radical change of hair color is not possible.

Toning blond hair

To make a beautiful fashion tide bright shock of hair is not necessary to use chemical dyes or peroxide. Hair tinting, in the opinion of the fair sex, making them stronger, bigger and gives them a glossy shine . So the main thing - the right to determine the shade (cold or warm) and choose the right tool for painting.

Blonde with honey, golden hair and reddish paint suitable honey, caramel and sunny tones. It is these tonal resources freshen the face and make it younger.

Effect of burned hair tinting can be achieved with light shades that looks especially nice on long curls.

Cold tide of hair (for example, smoke and ash) can be revived thanks to the foundation of platinum, pearl, wheat and silver.

Besides, hair tinting allows you to experiment with red and copper shades . This is especially true light-brown hair and dark blondes as tonal resources include a rich palette of shades of red and blond.

Toning dark hair

For owners of dark hair dyeing there are several options, one of which is the use of only one color. Girl with dark blond or brown hair suit purple, reddish brown and dark tonal resources. Paints with a copper sheen look great on blond hair.

Another way of rendering dark hair involves the use of several shades. To do this, pre-lighten (Highlighted) individual ringlets. If desired, add a darker strands to your own color highlighting you can do without. An experienced master easily pick up 2-3 tones close to natural shades, allowing natural hair color gets somewhat harmonizing highlights. It can be toned both broad and thin strands, which will create a more elegant game of shades.

When tinting dark hair is important to consider the structure and color of the original, as it depends on these parameters, as the paint will form . It looks best tone, close to the natural color. Also worth noting is that to make dark hair lighter by using tinting paints fail. First, you need to lighten your hair and only then spend toning.

Toning hair after dyeing

When highlighting (brightening) destroyed the natural hair pigment, which leads to their weakness, dryness and thinning. However, this condition can be controlled. Professional hair stylists recommend to do toning hair after dyeing.

Part of the funds tinting keratin strengthens damaged hair and slightly smoothes the negative effect of clarification. Protein and waxes give hair amazing shine and smoothness. i.e toning hair after dyeing not only helps to modify and adjust the color, but also an excellent caring procedures .

Another reason for showing staining foundation, is the appearance of ugly yellow after using lightening powder. Carry out the procedure can be not only in the barber shop, but also at home. To do this, use special shampoo and rinse hair, which should be used at least several times a week.

Toning hair at home

 Hair tinting - reviews and recommendations
 For tinting hair at home need to choose quality and not the cheapest coloring formulation. Actually the procedure is carried out as follows:

  • Examine the supplied instructions, and to test for allergic reactions, dropping microdozes with the skin of the wrist or behind the ear;
  • Wear disposable gloves and an apron to protect against ingress of paint. Prevent unwanted coloration of the neck, forehead and ears can, causing the mentioned places fat cream;
  • Pour a small amount on the palm and spread evenly over the entire length of the individual strands of hair, or who plan to set off;
  • Carefully comb the hair after application of all paint and gently massage head;
  • Sustain time indicated on the packaging;
  • Rinse with water toning agent, without using shampoo.

Toning hair - is a simple, relatively inexpensive and dramatic procedure that helps to get great results even at home .