The consequences of removal of moles on your face - the scars and skin inflammation
 Pigmented neoplasms have on the body of virtually any person. They can be flat and convex, vary in color and shape, to give charm to the exterior or be considered a defect. Most birthmarks are harmless benign tumors that do not affect the health. At the same time, many people prefer to get rid of these skin manifestations for various reasons. But before you decide to take this step, you should know the pros and cons of various methods of eliminating these tumors, as well as the possible consequences of removing moles .

The consequences of removing moles surgically

Although already a relatively long time, there are alternative and more effective methods moles removal surgically remains fairly common way of getting rid of unwanted neoplasms.

It should be noted the main disadvantages of this procedure compared with other operations to eliminate moles:

  • Soreness;
  • The inability of the procedure in certain areas of the face and body;
  • The probability of the recurrence of the tumor in the same place;
  • The appearance of scars after the procedure.

The first important consequence of the removal of moles is surgical scar on the surgical site . Its formation is inevitable, because after the cut is applied to the skin a cosmetic seam. Usually, this warning patients before surgery. And this factor is often the cause of their rejection of this method in favor of other, safer and less traumatic way.

This procedure is selected when the mole is on an inconspicuous area of ​​the body, and scar after operation can hide clothing. It is safe to say that the consequences of removing moles on the face, neck and hands surgically will deliver a man of great discomfort.

Furthermore, according to standards cancer, tumor can be removed with a radius of 3-5 cm. Thus, if the mole is on the face, the process again is not efficient.

Also the effects of removing moles surgically can be very serious in some cases, . For example, it is often necessary to remove the eyelid tumor, but the choice of this method is not possible in this case due to the proximity of the site to the eyeball.

The consequences of removing moles nitrogen

Another common method of getting rid of tumors of different nature is considered to be the removal of moles of liquid nitrogen. The basis of this technique is the effect of low temperatures on the mole, that lead to the freezing of tissues and its subsequent death of the tumor.

The consequences of removing moles on the face with the help of liquid nitrogen is almost unpredictable, so this method is used more often to get rid of tumors in the body. This is because the depth of the effect of temperature on the fabric moles poorly controlled. This is especially dangerous when the roots are swelling in the deep layers of the dermis. Often, their complete removal requires a second procedure that leads to scarring. Sometimes the removed tumors after application of this method are severe burns.

Moreover, unpleasant consequence of removing moles nitrogen can act damage to healthy surrounding tissue That is virtually eliminated when using laser or radio-wave method of removal of tumors. This is due to the inability to completely control the area of ​​influence of liquid nitrogen.

More rarely, a consequence of the removal of moles of nitrogen can be called allergic reactions to cold exposure, as well as individual intolerance of some medicines that are used during the rehabilitation period.

It should also be noted that the healing time after the application of this procedure, long-lasting than in the case of laser and radiofrequency method. The big advantage of surgery to remove moles using liquid nitrogen can be considered her pretty affordable price compared to other methods.

The consequences of removing moles electrocoagulation

The essence of the method of removal of tumors on the face and body electrocoagulation is to remove their tissues electrocautery, which simultaneously coagulates the small vessels that supply blood mole. We can say that the role of surgical instruments are performing high frequency current level, with which the tumor is cut in layers. Along with this, the electric field exerts a thermal influence, thus eliminating the possibility of infection and bleeding stops.

Unpleasant consequences of removing moles electrocoagulation is sometimes the occurrence of scars . Often their education depends on the depth of the impact of discharges and the complexity of the case. The main contraindications of this method are:

  •  Common consequences of removing moles nitrogen
 Have a pacemaker;
  • Exacerbation of inflammatory processes in the body;
  • Malignant neoplasms of the character.

In addition, this procedure can not take place during pregnancy and menstruation. Very rarely, a consequence of the removal of moles can be a strong electrocoagulation redness at the site of remote tumors resembling a burn. This may be due to reaction of the sensitive skin on the procedure. If the wound does not heal or there are painful or selection, you should immediately consult a doctor.

It is also necessary to add that the effects of removing moles on their own in the home are often very serious . Although not always, but such tumors may develop into malignant tumors. So before you decide to remove moles, you should consult a doctor and choose a method suitable for your case. The only way to avoid the unpleasant consequences of the removal of moles.