Lip Tattoo

Lip Tattoo is the application of a special pigment under the surface layer of the skin to mimic the natural makeup. Effect  The main purpose is to give lip tattoo sharp contours
 from the lips tattoo has a different duration (from a few months to 3 years). The procedure is performed using specific anesthetic drugs and cosmetic equipment.

Features and Benefits lip tattoo

The main purpose is to give lip tattoo sharp contours, filling color and increased without the use of cosmetics. Good reviews tattooing of lips has both an effective procedure for the construction of a harmonious facial lines and adjusting the shape of the lips.

When applying the tattoo is necessary to preserve the natural color of the lips, but to give them a more vivid hue, that they remain harmonious on the face. Before the procedure, the cosmetician is a sketch, in which you can select the shape and color to the lips. The optimal option is the natural color with a touch of (brown, coral, carrot, pink and red). In the arsenal of cosmetologist large number of pigment colors that can be selected according to the type of skin, size and shape of the lips.

Before the tattooing of lips beautician selects the most suitable type of anesthesia, which is designed to relieve pain, swelling and bleeding. The correct formulation provides rapid removal of inflammation and restoration of the skin and maintains the quality of the tattoo.

Treatment time is about an hour, as a result of the lips acquire distinctive contour underlined natural form, is removed and the pale blue, rim lip gets saturated color, and can be increased lip volume.

Methods of applying lip tattoo

Result before and after tattooing of lips is very different and depends on the application. Currently, there are several types of application tattoo of the lips, which include:

  • stroke contour, which emphasizes the contour of the lips and gives a natural color;
  • stroke contour with shading, which gives a noticeable shade creates a clear stroke and extends the lip a few millimeters;
  • Filling the lips, accompanied by their correction over the entire surface;
  • Kyle technology, which is to increase the volume of the lips with the application of pigment light stroke on the lips or under them (designed for women with small and thin lips).

Before and after the tattoo of the lips need special care for skin with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and soothing ointments.

Positive feedback received lip tattooing as a procedure with a significantly visible light glow effect and discoloration of the lips.

Recommendations and contraindications

The consequences  Types of lip tattoo
   Lip tattoo conducted without respect for basic sanitary rules, there can be serious complications, infections and allergic reactions. Before the procedure a few days is necessary to exclude the use of lipstick and cosmetic glitter.

After the tattooing of lips for a few days you can not use the swimming pool, steam room, sauna and solarium. During the week must be applied to the lips special protective means (ointments, lotions, sprays, etc.).

After a lip tattoo healing occurs within 5-7 days, at which time the lips require special care. In order to heal after permanent makeup lips passed quickly, you need to take special vitamins and avoid ultraviolet rays.

Before and after the tattoo of the lips should drink antiviral and anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed by the attending physician.

Adverse effects of tattooing of lips can be roughened skin and peeling, so you must use protective balms and moisturizers that have safe softening action.

Lip Tattoo Don'ts dark pigment, and perform the procedure during an immune deficiency, menstrual period, pregnancy and lactation.

Contraindications to this procedure are skin rashes and peeling, diabetes, keloid scars, symptoms of fever on the lips, open wounds, herpes, cancer and circulatory disorders.