Permanent make-up lips

Permanent make-up lips - is a cosmetic procedure for introduction in the subcutaneous layer (at the level of the epidermis) lip color pigment with the help of specialized Electric equipped with needles. Depth  The procedure of permanent makeup lips
 introduction of pigment is 1 mm.

Permanent makeup lip is a "mild" tattoos, which, unlike the present, does not remain on the skin for a lifetime, made of natural dyes, retains its color over 3-5 years.

With permanent makeup lips can adjust the natural shape of the lips, making it larger, balanced and expressive.

There are three main types of permanent makeup (tattooing):

  • Tattoo lip contour. With this procedure, the pigments are introduced on a path that allows us to give the lips extra volume and expressiveness. This creates the effect of the lips, clearly summing up the pencil. Cosmetic procedure allows you to use any color lipstick;
  • Permanent makeup lip with shading. The procedure involves the introduction of the contour of the lips a bright pigment with a smooth transition into the stump, the width of which is approximately 0, 5 mm. Tattoo makes lip contour blurry-natural, increasing their visual volume. It is recommended for women with thin lips;
  • Full lips tattoo. Thus on the lips is applied primarily contour coloring pigment then fills the entire area of ​​the lips.
  • Permanent makeup lips 3d («light Kaya"). The procedure for applying make-up involves the use of a specialist at least three shades of color pigments. Permanent makeup lips 3d allows you to highlight a characteristic above the upper lip, which visually increase their volume, creating the effect of relief.

The procedure of permanent makeup lips

The procedure for applying permanent makeup lips held a specialist with medical education in the beauty salon. The duration of the tattoo is 1, 5-2, 5 hours. For a more uniform distribution of the coloring pigment procedure is divided into 2-3 sessions, wherein the processing of each section of skin is about 45 minutes.

The main stages of a permanent tattoo:

  • The choice of technique and drawing the sketch, with which will be permanent makeup lips;
  • Selection of color shade;
  • Anesthesia (via local injection and analgesic gel);
  • Care after the procedure, the recommendation of a specialist.

In the course of permanent make-up skin is processed thin needles that excludes serious injury to the skin. Thus pigments are introduced to the second layer of the epidermis, where there are no blood vessels, and the risk of infection and the appearance of allergic reactions is minimized.

Little  Permanent make-up of lips with 3d effect
   swelling and the appearance of crusts on the surface of the lips after the procedure - normal. For the speedy elimination of uncomfortable sensations after permanent makeup lips applied anti-inflammatory and wound-healing ointment. Immediately after permanent makeup lips, in the opinion of customers, the lips appear enlarged and the color of the tattoo - very bright. However, these symptoms disappear after 5-6 hours: the swelling subsides, and lip color becomes more natural shade.

For home care specialist recommends that customers use the application to the lips ice cubes from infusions of chamomile, succession, Marigold or black tea. The duration of the restoration of the skin after the procedure of permanent makeup lip shading - 7-10 days.


Like any other intervention in the body, even if well-intentioned, permanent lip makeup, in the opinion of clients and professionals, has its contraindications. We do not recommend carrying out the procedure in the presence of skin diseases in the acute stage (eg, herpes), as well as people suffering from a tendency to form keloids, bleeding disorders, diabetes. Refrain from tattooing lips should pregnant and nursing mothers, women during menstruation and after consumption of alcohol and drugs, prolongs blood clotting.