Paraffin is a therapeutic and beauty treatments using heated wax in the form of applications, bandages, compresses, masks and baths.  Paraffin - therapeutic bath for hands

Features and healing properties of paraffin

Paraffin has anti-inflammatory, metabolic, analgesic, reducing and resolving action. Procedure for paraffin at home is carried out after the treating physician or a beautician. It is better to hold it under the supervision of a physician in a specialized institution.

This treatment improves blood circulation, normalize the metabolism, accelerate cell renewal and eliminate adhesions. After a course of treatments are muscle spasms, improves the general condition of the musculoskeletal system.

Good reviews paraffin is both highly effective and painless treatment that creates a sauna effect.

The main advantages of paraffin for hands and feet include:

  • opening the pores and improve skin condition;
  • increased blood flow, due to the influence of warm paraffin;
  • Removing cramps, muscle and joint pain;
  • high curative effect on arthritis, arthrosis, osteoarthritis and gout.

Paraffin is a pleasant toning treatment for face, arms and legs, which is used in the process of paraffin with a temperature of 50-55 degrees. Masks, wraps and baths for paraffin impact on the problem areas of the skin, muscles and joints, providing restorative effect.

Paraffin therapy at home can spend, but the highest therapeutic result will be achieved only in beauty salons and physiotherapy room, resorting to the help of professionals.

Indications paraffin

Indications for use of paraffin are diseases of the musculoskeletal system, central nervous system, internal organs, reproductive system and skin.

Positive feedback is paraffin as an effective therapeutic technique aimed at healing wounds, trophic ulcers and burns.

This procedure is recommended for patients with salt deposits, inflammation of the skin and limb injuries.

Paraffin Hand

Before the paraffin hand wipe the skin with a disinfectant solution and apply a firming cream. Paraffin has low thermal conductivity, so much is not heated and does not burn your hands. The bath for paraffin hand dipped 3-5 times, and then placing a protective film and put on woolen mittens.

Within minutes, the wax provides a therapeutic effect by removing excess moisture intercellular area and toxins, removing congestion and improving skin condition.

After the paraffin on the hands of a protective cream is applied depending on the type and characteristics of the skin.

Paraffin Foot

 Paraffin leg effective in treating fungal infections
 Paraffin Foot eliminates inflammatory processes, and effective in the treatment of fungal infections. At the regular conduct of cosmetic procedures are swelling disappear microcracks and skin infections on their feet.

This procedure has a relaxing and calming effect, relieves stress, normalizes the nervous system and reduces muscle tension.

Paraffin is an effective preventive measure cellulite and varicose veins. After a course of treatment improves skin legs and feet become soft and moisturized, removes calluses and corns.


Contraindications to paraffin are idiosyncrasy and the presence of allergic reactions to the wax, severe circulatory disorders, diabetes, hypertension, severe diseases of the cardiovascular system, low blood clotting, and the presence of open wounds, increased sensitivity of the skin and severe inflammation on the surface .

The wax should not be mixed with other substances, immersed in water, and remove from the tank in a molten form.

The procedure is assigned to a health care professional in accordance with the diagnostic indications of the patient.