How to comply with the proportions of henna hair color
 Change the color of the hair, you can use different colors. At home, it is best to use products manufactured on the basis of natural components, such as henna. It allows you not only to change or freshen up the color of the hair, but also give them a therapeutic effect. Of course, the hair coloring Henna - enough time-consuming process. However, it contains nutrients contribute to the strengthening and improvement of the hair, makes them shine.

Hair coloring with henna at home

Henna powder is a yellowish-green color, which is obtained from the leaves of a plant that grows in Central Asia and the Middle East. Using this tool allows you to get a different hair color - from bright orange hue to deep copper color. Before painting the hair with henna they should be clean and dry. The further process is carried out in the following sequence.

First you need to prepare a dye. Depending on the length of hair may require one or more packs of henna. The required amount of coloring agent diluted in a non-metallic bowl with warm but not hot water to the consistency of liquid sour cream. The solution was stirred until no lumps, then infused several minutes. For dyeing hair with henna should prepare gloves, a comb, a plastic bag and a towel.

The solution should be applied in the form of heat into individual strands, from roots. Then dyed hair must be raised up and secured to the top, close them polyethylene and towel. First, better paint a small section to specify the time of staining. It depends on the original color of the hair and of which color is desired to obtain. Exposure time may be from 5-10 to 1-1 minutes and 5 hours. After the required time, the hair should be washed and rinsed with water and vinegar.

Using a combination of different vegetable dyes provides a fairly large number of shades. Most often carry hair coloring Henna and basma. To prepare the mixtures of these tools need to know the ratio of components to achieve the desired shade. It should be taken into account - the lighter the hair, the most in the mixture should be henna.

Hair coloring after henna

Henna is firmly fixed in the hair structure, making it difficult subsequently to use other dyes. They just are not kept on the hair, and the result of this experiment can be unpredictable - the color often quite those expected. For coloring hair after henna there are two ways. First, long enough - it is a gradual sostriganie colored hair regrown until their natural color. The second method involves the complete removal of henna by the following means:

  •  Features after henna hair dye
 Oily hair mask. For washing henna can use any natural vegetable oil. It is heated on a steam bath, and applied to the hair for 1 hour and then washed off. Repeat this procedure should be 2-3 times a week before the appearance of the natural hair color;
  • Vinegar. To remove henna, dilute 1 tablespoon of 9% vinegar in 1 liter of warm water and the resulting solution rinse hair after washing them with shampoo;
  • Yeast and yogurt. In a glass of warm yogurt divorced yeast, the resulting mixture is applied to the hair for 2 hours, then carefully washed away;
  • laundry soap. Use within a month after dyeing hair with henna and basma this soap can return them to a natural color.

Natural dyes are helping to change the color of the hair without damaging the structure. Most often in demand henna. Not to be mistaken in choosing a suitable color, you need to properly plant a coloring agent, and also to use it first on a small separate strands. If the resulting color is large enough, you can proceed to complete dyeing hair with henna.