Body Scrub

 The hardware inside the body peeling
 The human body, as well as the person who requires constant care. Body peeling as cosmetic procedure is exfoliation of the upper stratum corneum, which is coarsened and consists of dead cells. Another name for this procedure - exfoliation.

Peeling body solves some of the problems associated with the appearance of the skin, without the aid operations. The effect of body peeling is enhanced if it is combined with body wraps, massages, mesotherapy.

Action peeling

Peeling improves the appearance of the skin, making it more youthful, returns firmness and elasticity. Body peeling often do in the area of ​​the thighs, buttocks, chest, abdomen. It helps to fight acne on his back and chest, with a premature aging of the skin of hands that is most exposed to the negative influences of the environment.

Body peeling and improves the general condition of the person, as has a general stimulating effect and activates the skin's metabolism and the formation of new skin cells. The skin becomes smooth and even in appearance, it improves breathing, increased turgor and moisture, abnormal swelling decreases. Besides, it's pretty nice and completely safe procedure.

Body Peeling interior

Professional body scrub, which is usually offered in the beauty salon, can be divided into the following types:

  • Hardware - using a laser or ultrasound;
  • Mechanical - performed by hand or by special means in the form of granules of microcrystals;
  • Chemical - mainly using organic acids.

According to the depth of penetration inside the body scrub can be divided into exfoliation (very soft peeling), epidermolysis (surface), middle and deep.

Beautician after inspection determines what kind of body scrub is suitable for a particular skin type.

The median and deep body peeling is used to correct wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, excessive dryness and other age-related skin changes.

Deep body scrub helps to smooth scars or marks striae, performance can be compared to cosmetic surgery or lifting. At the same time, by all accounts, body peeling, conducted by the method of deep exfoliation is quite aggressive.

The median body scrub in the cabin is well established due to the cumulative effect and improve the structure of the skin. After him, the skin is pink and smooth, and a few weeks later manifested a distinct anti-aging effect. By all accounts, body peeling with talassokosmetiki has on the skin additional therapeutic effect.

Chemical peeling inside the body can be done, starting with puberty, if it becomes necessary. Already after the first procedure, the result will not take long. On average, to secure a sustainable effect requires 4 to 6 such procedures.  Body Scrub at home with the help of sea salt

Body Scrub at home

There are many ways to carry out the procedure body scrub at home. Usually it is timed to coincide with the adoption of procedures or bath tub.

One of the easiest ways - the use of sea salt. It is applied to the body with a damp sponge massaging circular motion for 10 minutes. In addition to mechanical removal of dead cells of sea salt is a source of mineral ions and minerals to the skin.

Body peeling in the home can be made with flax seeds. For this purpose they ground and brewed with hot water to the consistency of breadcrumbs. Apply scrub to skin and damp sponge.

For the preparation of sugar peeling sugar mixed with any natural yogurt in ratio of 1: 1, and prepare the right amount of mixture, make it a body massage in a circular motion and then wash off.

Recipes mixtures for body scrub at home, there is a lot you can choose a suitable peeling individually. The quality in some cases, they are approaching the cabin.

Contraindications body peeling

Do not expose your body skin peeling procedure during pregnancy and lactation, high body temperature, and exacerbation of herpes infection.