How does California highlights for dark hair
 One way of partial hair dye any color, at which lighten the individual strands, called highlights. For the procedure using bleaching powder, cream or powder, by means of which it is possible to remove the existing natural or, in the case of already dyed hair, artificial pigments, and thus can achieve lightening.

Some artists prefer to paint bright colors, especially with frequent highlights on dark hair that had not been subjected to staining, thus achieving contrast with natural strands.

Depending on the choice of the client, the master selects strands of different thicknesses and shapes, and then causing the composition, or the hair over the entire length or partially. Then colored strands isolate thermal paper or foil for painting, stand-up, according to the manufacturer, holds hair tinting, and then they are thoroughly washed with special shampoos and balms.

Nowadays, for a rare or frequent for highlighting dark hair has become fashionable to use shades of red, beige, pearl, wheat, pink, gold, copper, caramel, green and blue. Many Hollywood stars have resorted to this method is hair dye, because the procedure itself is more gentle in comparison with the full painting.

There are more than a dozen varieties of dyeing on dark hair, reviews, depending on the professionalism of the master and the desires of the client, it is possible to achieve a bright and memorable image or color to bring the most natural colors.

Gentle zonal highlights for dark hair

The essence of the procedure is that the coloring is exposed, only the upper layer of hair, while the lower can and does remain natural or colored dye sparing. This weave is suitable for women with thin hair, lacking volume and natural shine.

Staining and baliyazh Ombre

Thanks baliyazhu can give a fashionable focus image of a woman with both short and long hair. Commonly used natural colors - brown, amber, beige, chocolate, wheat, nuts and honey. The essence of the procedure is that the master or lightens the upper part of the hair, or only the tips, the Horizontal impossible to see a clear line of color.

Some women opt for such highlights on dark hair dyed the tips of copper-allocate a touch of honey, which adds to the image of extravagance.

Highlights obmre visually resembles regrown hair after blondirovanija. Master of colors roots and basal part of the paint, tone on tone coincides with a natural shade, or close to it, and the rest of the hair color in a lighter shade.

California highlights for dark hair

This procedure is suitable for both dark and light to natural or dyed hair. Wizard does not use thermal paper or foil, and are colored by a special technology, applying the paint on the wide and narrow vertical strands, thereby achieving a smooth transition from the dark roots to the tips of the light.

California highlights on dark hair, depending on the preferences allows you to root zone unobtrusive and natural, or conversely, a broad and released.

Venice highlights

Many women like the effect of burnt hair that can be achieved in a natural way - soak up the sun for several days under the scorching sun, or to resort to a more gentle way - Venetian highlights. This type of staining was borrowed from Italian masters who have managed to achieve the effect of a smooth transition of color, as in burnout, give hair shine and volume.

For coloring colorist selects a few shades (4-5) of the selected color, mixes them and deals with a brush to individual strands, from the level of 3 cm below the roots, foil and thermal paper, as in California, highlights for dark hair, are not used.

Due to the fact that a clear boundary between the strands and the tips of the roots is not, the procedure can not be performed again as soon as the roots grow a little bit.

US highlights for dark hair

Initially for coloring strands in American style used paint red, brown, burgundy, copper, orange and red color. Nowadays highlights on dyed black hair allows the addition of purple, green or blue shades. A variation of the US release of coloring is bright colors only zones bangs, or just a few strands.

The diagonal weave on dark hair

Thanks to this procedure, you can create a stylish image and highlight the natural color of hair. The main features of the diagonal coloring are the achievement of clear contrast of colors and creation of partings at an angle rather than vertically, as in the classic version popryadnogo staining.

This highlights on dark hair, in the opinion, is best suited to lovers of avant-garde, who want to create a vivid and memorable way.

Highlights for dark hair: Pros and Cons

 What causes frequent highlights for dark hair
 Like any other procedure associated with a change in hair color, highlighting has its positive and negative sides. Unlike the classical staining when under the influence of oxidizing agents and paints the entire length falls under dyeing "suffering" is not more than 50% of the hair.

This painting is perfect for women who are not willing to radically change its image and want to paint the gray hair, a little freshen up the color, and then to grow natural hair. Undoubted advantage for dyeing dark hair is saving money because you need to go to a beauty salon is not more than once every three months.

The downside of the procedure is the fact that at home on their own is very difficult to reproduce, and painting itself is not only a time-consuming process, but prolonged, take a minimum of 4 hours. Those who want to make highlights in the dark colored hair, it is important to know that only after a month after the change of color can perform this procedure. Otherwise there is a risk to remain without a significant part of hair and a few months after curing the remaining hair.