Maceration in medicine is the impregnation liquid and swelling plant or animal tissues. When the fabric for a long time are in a liquid, the intercellular substance dissolves tissue. In cosmetology maceration called one of the varieties of nail polish (wet manicure). The pharmacology of this term is the process of a long soak in the water of medicinal plants. Sometimes called maceration process of infusion of flowers and plants in the vegetable oil. Matserirovanie as a method for preparing anatomical preparations (bones, nerves, etc.). Use in morphology. Histology use this method to determine cell shape and establishing links between them.  Maceration of the skin of the foot

Maceration of the skin

With maceration of the skin often encounter pathologists and physicians. Maceration may occur in life and after death. In this process, the skin is wrinkled, discolored and swollen. As a result of swelling of the skin tissue is usually complete or partial loss of hair and the removal of the epidermis. The process begins with maceration of the skin epidermis thickened areas (palms, soles). This layer of the skin loses its connection with the neighboring tissues and peeled layers. Its first signs of warm unsalted water occur in about half an hour. The terms of this process depends on the degree of salinity, water temperature and the availability of clothing (boots, gloves). Full development maceration takes place in a period of from three days to two months. Tissue maceration corpse is usually accompanied by their rotting.

Maceration of the skin in the newborn period may be a sign of severe prematurity and fetal perenoshennosti. Dead fetus in utero and in the interaction of macerated tissues of his skin with amniotic fluid.

Wet manicure

In cosmetology, manicure, too wet sometimes called maceration. Maceration - an integral part of the spa-manicure.

Cosmetologists believe that maceration are two kinds of manicure - cut (presence of a special bath for the hands) and European manicure (removal of skin).  Maceration - Wet manicure

The composition of a special bath for the wet nail polish can be very diverse. It is possible to add the cream, rose petals, green tea and fruit pieces. For this procedure, nail scissors, orange sticks and nail file.

Methods of maceration

At the beginning of the procedure is carried out hand disinfection, removes the remnants of the old varnish and file nails. Then spend maceration. For this hand dipped into a bath of warm water. Then the hand is removed, remove the dirt and rinse cloth. Then push back the cuticle orange stick and then cut off her nail scissors. Peeling hands - the next stage of the procedure. To peel the skin scrub is applied to massage and leave for one or two minutes, then wash off. At the end of the procedure usually make a moisturizing massage with moisturizing hand cream.