Household mask for oily skin

Not for nothing called the oily skin problem - because of active work of the sebaceous glands in the skin creates a favorable environment for the development of bacteria. By the oily sheen of the skin are often added enlarged pores, black spots, redness, all of this together any person can bring out of balance.  Mask for oily skin with an extract of St. John's wort

There is a way to solve this problem - give a good result masks for oily skin. They can be purchased ready-made and can be done at home.

Here we present the recipes home masks for oily skin by the action of the different, and you if you want to save time, use bought-funds will already know what components you should pay attention.

Masks for oily skin

Recipe №1 - mask, which helps make the skin more matte finish to give it a tone. For its preparation mix a tablespoon pounded green tea with a few tablespoons of yogurt (2-3), and this mixture is applied to the face. Wash with cool water means 15 minutes.

Recipe number 2 - Household mask for oily skin, which helps to narrow pores, relieve irritation, soften the skin. For this mask need sage (2 teaspoons), mint (1 teaspoon) and hips (3-4 pieces). Sage prescription taken dry and mint and rose hips can be taken and the dry and fresh.

Prepare a mask for oily skin as follows: a mixture of herbs fill 0, 5 cups of boiling water, leave for 30 minutes under the lid in hot water. Then strain the infusion, wipe their face. The grass is applied to the gauze otrez harvested specifically for the mask - with slits for the eyes and nose, and covered his face with. On top of the mask can impose a towel. After 20 minutes, remove the mask and wash your face with cool water.

Recipe №3 - cleansing mask for oily skin. It has been observed that good clean skin oatmeal, and therefore there is such a recipe: Mix a tablespoon of shredded cereal with a teaspoon of tea tree oil, a teaspoon of honey, egg white. A mask is applied for 15 minutes and washed it with warm and cold water.

Recipe №4 - another cleansing mask for oily skin, which has a drying property. Action mask based on brewer's yeast (1 tablespoon of powder), sour milk - it is added as long as necessary to obtain a homogeneous dough. The mixture was added 4 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Apply on face for 10 minutes, wash with cool water.

Recipe №5 - a mask for oily skin, which is visible in the black spots and large pores. They help to deal with such shortcomings yogurt (3 tablespoons), lemon juice (a teaspoon), tea tree oil (2-3 drops), cosmetic clay - green, white or blue (0, 5 tablespoons). To prepare this homemade mask listed ingredients are mixed to a paste. She and applied to the face on the problem areas dense layer for 10 minutes. Take off the mask, wet cotton swab.

Masks for oily scalp

Oily scalp causes the least inconvenience than a problem skin of the face. That's it - the main reason why the hair looks messy, require frequent washing and bad fit.  Recipes home masks for oily scalp

We offer 5 recipes masks for oily scalp.

Recipe №1 - Mask for the scalp, allowing to reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands that nourish hair over their entire length. Help may be a simple yogurt, whey or buttermilk. They are applied to the hair before washing rubbed into the scalp, left for an hour. After 60 minutes, the hair can be washed in a familiar way.

Recipe №2 - another mask helps reduce sebum production. The mask contains cognac (a teaspoon), egg yolk, water (a teaspoon) - they stirred, rubbed into the scalp, leave for 15 minutes.

Recipe №3 - Mask for oily scalp, cooked potatoes. Take two raw potatoes rub them on a grater, squeeze juice, yogurt is added thereto (1 cup or less, depending on hair length). The mixture was partitioned hair, rubbed into the roots, left for 30 minutes, wrapped head towel. Instead of potato to reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands can use the pulp of the pumpkin or cucumber.

Recipe №4 - mustard mask for oily skin. In addition, it reduces the fat mustard, it stimulates hair growth. Prepare a mask like this: mix dry mustard (2 tablespoons) of hot water (and 2 tablespoons), egg yolks, olive oil, or any cosmetic (2 tablespoons), sugar (2 teaspoons). Apply the mask should be at the roots, leave, if possible, half an hour - mustard bake. The tips of the hair, it is desirable to process any oil that they do not dry mustard.

Recipe №5 - this is not exactly a recipe, and advice to use the essential oils of chamomile, bergamot, eucalyptus, burdock, basil, marigold, geranium, peppermint, rose, rosemary, thyme, orange, sage. These oils can be added to the shampoo to the scalp less Zhirnel.