Face masks of wrinkles

That women adorn the world. Unfortunately, time is merciless for all. Over time, even the beauties of fine lines start to appear, and if no action is taken, then soon they will turn into deep wrinkles, the struggle with whom will require considerable labor.  Face masks of wrinkles - the first means in the fight against aging skin

The earlier start to properly care for the skin, the longer you can keep it fresh and fit. Skin Care Facial should become a daily habit, which is sure to give results in the future.

Nowadays, a variety of medical discoveries there are many ways to combat the first signs of aging. One of the most effective and painless method is the use of a face mask of wrinkles. There are various views as expensive masks and a large number of popular recipes of all kinds of masks that can be easily used at home.

Rules applying face masks anti-wrinkle

The only thing to remember is some rules for the use of masks, so they brought us a favor, and do no harm to our health.

1. You need to make sure allergy mask components you will not. To do this, check in advance the action of the mask on a small area of ​​the skin: just put some money on the wrist or elbow bend. If for 30 minutes no apparent allergic reaction can safely proceed to the application of the mask on the face.

2. The skin should be clean.

3. Do not rub the face mask into the skin. It should soak yourself.

Many cosmetologists are advised to combine the mask for the face, wrinkles, facial massage. This will give improved results in the fight against wrinkles. The most suitable time for these procedures - evening. These methods not only help fight wrinkles, but also refreshes and nourishes the skin.

Types of clay in the composition of masks for the face, wrinkles

 Deep moisturizing facial mask of wrinkles
 One of the most effective cleansing face masks anti-wrinkle masks are based on cosmetic clay. Keep in mind that for all ages the skin fit different clay. For skin with a high sensitivity will approach the red clay for oily skin - green and white. The yellow clay is better to use for aging skin, and black suit for oily and combination skin. In pharmacies, a large selection of these products, which will help you in the difficult fight against wrinkles.

Some secrets beauticians

Beauticians are advised to apply the mask to the face of wrinkles is no more than 15-20 minutes. Then, it should be washed off with warm water and apply your usual nourishing cream. Women who have expanded blood vessels on the face, you should pay special attention: in this case it is necessary to impose a cool mask that and only wash with cool water.

Apply the mask to observing certain rules: first applied mask from chin to the earlobes, and then from the upper lip towards the ears, from the middle of the forehead - to temples.

Do not forget that face masks anti-wrinkle is not applied to the eye area. The skin is very sensitive and gentle. It is under the eyes begin to appear the first facial wrinkles. Therefore, for this region, there are special masks. Begin to care for the skin around the eyes should be as soon as possible.

A prerequisite applying the mask on your face is calm, that is, facial muscles should be relaxed at this time. Beauticians are also advised not to put the powder or other cosmetics on the face, except for moisturizers, for 1 to 2 hours after the procedure.