Lamination of hair

Lamination of hair - a cosmetic procedure designed to improve the appearance of hair. The emphasis should be on the word "cosmetic", as many people mistakenly believe that by laminating, you can restore the structure of hair, but it is not.  Lamination of hair - a procedure that allows to protect the weak hair

What is lamination hair?

Lamination - a special hair treatment solution followed by heating them.

The result of the procedure - the hair appears a protective film, making them thicker by increasing the thickness of each hair.

The structure means for laminating hair often includes protein wheat grains - a substance with antioxidant, nourishing and moisturizing properties.

As additional materials in cosmetic products for hair lamination may be included hop extracts, camomile, yarrow.

Lamination is suitable to any type of hair, except for those that by nature are thick and heavy, such as representatives from the Asian race. This is explained by the fact that the effect of lamination hair may not be noticeable.

Reviews of lamination hair say that often resort to it those who posechennye hair is too dry, lush and thick enough by nature.

How to care for hair after lamination

The first day after lamination, do not expose your hair to mechanical stress - is undesirable to use pins and tight elastic bands, gather hair into a bun.

Some artists in salons is not recommended to wash your hair a few days after lamination.

The rest of the hair care can remain the same, the only thing you can not apply the thermal rectifiers, aggressive shampoos and scrubs.  Lamination of hair - a hair treatment with a special solution

Advantages of lamination hair

Through lamination hair look more well-groomed, volume and healthy, become more obedient.

Also, lamination protects the hair from the negative action of ultraviolet light, dry air, hard tap water.

Reviews of lamination hair indicate that the effect of the procedure is saved, on average, within a month.

Laminate can even be colored hair, which allows longer retain their color.

Result lamination noticeable in most cases, immediately after the first session. Spending several procedures lamination consecutive falls to women who have hair very whip, or very thin.

Cons lamination hair

Despite the assurances of the masters, conducting lamination hair salon, manufacturers of for the procedure, that it is absolutely harmless, doctors trichologists talk about such disadvantages lamination of hair:

  • The procedure can cause hair loss because follicles are not always withstand the weight of new hair;
  • As coming off means for laminating hair scales are destroyed because of which they become dry and brittle.

Besides, not everyone knows that before the lamination process means hair that is too loose, they should treat. To do this, you can consult a trihologu or energize yourself by using home hair masks.

You can do laminating hair at home?

If we talk about professional products for lamination of hair, their intended use are best left to qualified professionals. Lamination hair salon in this case, better to choose a home, because at home it will be difficult to sustain the correct temperature, to get the desired effect.

But those who do not have the opportunity to visit a specialist in lamination can try lamination hair at home using a mixture of gelatin and a hair mask. Those who had the procedure on himself, saying that the result of this lamination can hold an average of two weeks.

We offer a recipe for homemade mixes for lamination: a tablespoon of gelatin, 1-2 tablespoons of hair mask - any that suits your hair, 3 tablespoons of water.

The gelatin can be dissolved in hot water for 15 minutes leaving it to swollen. After that you need to mix the gelatin and heat, to avoid lumps, add the hair mask. As a result, you should get a mixture similar to the consistency of sour cream.

Before laminating hair at home head wash, dried with a towel. Then on his head for 40 minutes is applied cooked mixture, put a cap on top of polyethylene, cover it with a towel. Hair can be towel over warm hairdryer.

After 40 minutes, the mask should be washed off with cool water.

Before deciding on hair lamination, preferably still trichologist consult with, and be sure to choose an experienced specialist for the procedure, which has good reviews.