Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal can get rid of hair growth in unwanted areas quickly and painlessly. The popularity of this procedure is growing more and more, because of reviews laser hair removal is much more effective than other ways of dealing with unwanted hair growth.  A session of laser hair removal legs

The laser can remove hair on any remote and sensitive areas. After laser hair removal hair does not grow back for a long period of time.

We do not recommend the procedure of laser hair removal for fungal and herpetic lesions of the skin, in the case of malignant tumors of origin, in acute infections or worsening of chronic diseases. Grey and white hair are insensitive to the laser radiation.

The operating principle of laser hair removal

Under the influence of laser hair instantly and very hot, as heat wave absorbs color pigment (melanin) in it. Because of this, the hair becomes thinner at first, but after repeated exposure to laser hair follicle dies, and the hair falls out.

For the complete withering away of the hair bulb requires a minimum of 4 - 5 sessions of laser hair removal, which varies depending on the individual characteristics of the hair growth. During one session to achieve this is not possible due to the nature of the vital phase of the hair, as hair grows unevenly and with varying intensity. Laser radiation is the most effect on the hair in the phase of active growth, so its impact is usually uneven. The interval between sessions of laser hair removal is usually 3 - 4 weeks.

The laser beam is fixed on dark hair and light skin for it is not an obstacle. That is why laser hair removal reviews for ineffective in dark and dark skin, as well as light and gray hair.

Before and after laser depilation

No special training in laser hair removal on the responses of experts is required. Before performing this procedure is not recommended to sunbathe or use tanning - it will reduce its effectiveness.

Before a session of laser hair removal on the face can shave or cut your hair short, it is desirable that their length was not more than 1 - 3 mm. Laser hair removal is not used for the removal of eyebrows.

After laser hair removal for the week is not suitable for sunbathing, not to provoke the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Going out into the street under the direct rays of the sun should be applied to the skin sunscreen. Cosmetologists are not advised during this period and use abrasive cosmetic skin care products, such as peeling or scrub.

After laser hair removal in the area of ​​skin that has been exposed, there may be slight redness as a result of the expansion of the capillaries of the skin. During the day, the redness usually goes away on their own.

Chlorinated water is in contact with the skin at the place of laser hair removal can cause a burning sensation in the first 2 days after the procedure. In the case of laser hair removal bikini or underarm hygiene with a view to a few days after the procedure is recommended to use soap with antibacterial effect.

Between laser hair removal procedure is not recommended to use other methods for removing hair at the site of the body (wax, tweezers), since they do not act on the hair follicle.  The procedure of laser hair removal legs

Laser hair removal Face

Laser hair removal is conducted face to both men and women. Problem areas that require the removal of unwanted hair, there are those, and others - most often it is the chin, above the upper lip, nasal septum and wings. And if men face an alternative to laser hair removal can be a shaving, for the women it is almost unacceptable.

Another problem of excess body hair (hirsutism) is for women with hormonal disorders, in particular, with hyperandrogenism (excessive formation in the body of the male sex hormone testosterone). Besides the typical physique of women differs excessive hair growth on the upper lip.

For the procedure of laser hair removal it is important that the face was the minimum number of moles or pigmented spots, as this may not only reduce the effectiveness of hair removal, but also change the nature of the growth of moles.

Laser hair removal bikini

Removal of unwanted hair in the bikini area has to be particularly delicate, as the skin in that area is very sensitive. With the help of a portable laser hair removal bikini epilator can be performed in the home. After the procedure, hair removal on the skin for cooling and removal of irritation can be applied a special gel.