Manicure men

 Male manicure - hand care and nail Men
 For a long time manicure - nail care treatment arms - was considered exclusively female prerogative. But time dictates the conditions, and now well-groomed nails are an essential attribute of a successful man.

Nail plate men are especially thick and durable. They rarely stratified, nadlamyvayutsya and crack, which is due to hormonal male body. Taking into account this feature, you must extend the length of maceration (soaking) of nails in the bath (with manicure) and pick up a nail file with a rough coating.

However, the process of keratinization and coarsening of the skin in men faster than women. Often this contributes manual labor, which involved representatives of the stronger sex. Corns, calluses and rough skin of men to be treated with special exfoliating agents that are beneficial to the skin, contributing to its mitigation and the healing of minor injuries.

How do male manicure at home?

Unlike the female, male manicure at home is performed by a qualitatively different set of rules. The main task of the male manicure - hygiene, not decoration, so the shape of the male nail does not change: it is created in the form fingertip. The length of the nail is then determined phalanges. Violation of the above principles the male manicure can lead to absurd mind.

The choice of the male manicure nails determined by the state. In advanced cases, a manicure. Its main stages:

  • Shortening nails using tweezers or nail scissors (if necessary);
  • Processing of polish nail file to make them symmetrical;
  • Tub with warm water to soften the cuticle. The container can add liquid soap, a skin softener, a few drops of an essential oil. The duration of "water treatment" - about 5-10 minutes;
  • Removing cuticle. Using a wooden stick have to push back the cuticle and nail clippers to remove it, and then carefully cut burrs and rough skin around the nails;
  • Polishing nails. The final touch of the male manicure, giving it a special luster;
  • The application of nourishing cream or oil for the hands.

If man's hands are in satisfactory condition, it is possible to use European or edging manicure. How do male manicure European style?

The difference is edging manicure cuticle removal features. In this case, it need not be soaked in water - to be applied to the skin covering the nail few drops of special tools. After several minutes of waiting is enough to remove the cuticles with a wooden stick.  Male manicure in salon

Finish nail care can be with colorless varnish, but this item to a male manicure is not mandatory.

All of the above procedures, you can easily perform at home.

Male manicure in a beauty salon

MENS manicure session may be supplemented by such measures as:

  • Removing calluses on the palms;
  • Caring hand massage;
  • Spa care;
  • Paraffin.

Each of these procedures is recommended in order to eliminate beautician dryness, peeling and other problems with the skin of the hands of men. They regenerate, smooth and soften the dermis, promote healing of minor injuries, strengthen nails and even treat joint diseases.

Male manicure enough to carry out 1 time per week - it will not take much time, but will significantly improve the appearance and hygiene of the hands of the stronger sex.