How to remove stretch marks

Streamers - strips  How to remove stretch marks on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks?
 on the skin, in appearance resembling scars. Most often, women are wondering how to remove stretch marks on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks, as they appear mostly in these areas. Causes stretching become small skin injury when collagen fibers (the protein that is responsible for skin elasticity), for any reason, torn, and these discontinuities are replaced by connective tissue. That's right, this band of connective tissue is stretching. First, it has a purple or red, but eventually brightens, becoming about one skin tone, or slightly lighter.

Who is at risk?

Typically, stretch marks appear due to rapid set (or loss) of muscle mass and weight as well as a result of hormonal changes (puberty, hormonal drugs, pregnancy, endocrine diseases).

The appearance of stretch marks are more prone to women and most often they are interested in how to remove stretch marks after giving birth. Although often stretch marks appear and teenagers, athletes and "victims" of a steady diet. Not the least role in the tendency to the appearance of stretch marks has a hereditary factor, because the elasticity of the connective tissue has a genetic predisposition.

How to remove stretch marks at home?

So let's try to answer these pressing questions: how to remove stretch marks on the buttocks, stomach and thighs? How to remove stretch marks: laser, chemical peels or use household methods?

It is necessary to immediately warn you that if you want to get rid of stretch marks completely, it can be surgically because no cream does not help dissolve the connective tissue on their own.

But if you are wondering how to remove stretch marks at home (read: do stretching inconspicuous or invisible altogether), we try to give you a detailed answer.

Immediately it should be said that to start the fight against stretch marks is necessary, while they are still fresh and very small. To this end, regular care for the skin and supply it with nutrients and vitamins A, E and C, as well as elastin and collagen. Well to a regular massage the skin with oils of rosemary, rose, bergamot, almond and douches.

At home, you can easily cook a special scrub to reduce stretch marks. This requires a mix 1 cup sugar, 1 cup of salt and 0, 5 cups vegetable oil (better suited palm or olive). This scrub is necessary to massage the problem areas before taking a bath, and applied to the body scrub to wash off with warm water. After the bath, it is necessary to rub the skin nourishing lotion or cream. To conduct this procedure is necessary every day for one month.

One of the most effective methods of how to remove stretch marks after giving birth are wrapping. Typically, wrap very well help for young and very fresh stretch marks. Especially popular are the Seaweed (spirulina), since they contribute to the renovation and restoration of the skin, restore its elasticity and tone perfectly. Mush algae applied to the body about an hour and fall under the thermal blanket, as this enhances the effect of nutrients on skin. The course of treatment like body wraps consist of 8-12 procedures.

Cabin methods of how to remove stretch marks

If domestic practices, how to remove stretch marks after giving birth, you do not help, then it is best to resort to professional help. In the salons can offer you such a technique, how to remove stretch marks on the abdomen, buttocks and thighs, which will be effective even when dealing with strong or old stretch marks. These techniques include:

  • Ultrasound therapy. Basically, this method is used for controlling the fresh stretch marks. Ultrasound penetrates deeply into the skin and massaging the muscles and fatty tissue under the skin. This allows you to activate the metabolic processes in the skin, making it taut and toned. The course of the ultrasonic treatment of stretch marks is 10-12 procedures.
  • Fotopigmentatsiya. This  Remove stretch marks after giving birth at home makes a special scrub
   procedure is very effective and popular, because virtually no contraindications, is not painful and is easily tolerated by patients. It consists in the activation of body's production of collagen, which promotes skin regeneration. Approximately 8-10 procedures skin is completely restored. Carry out the procedure twice a week.
  • Mesotherapy. Very effective procedure as to how to remove stretch marks on the buttocks and other body areas. This technique is a special microinjection, consisting of collagen, amino acids, ascorbic acid, vitamins, algal extracts, artichoke and other mineral and nutrients to the skin. As a rule, mesotherapy is especially effective in combination with the peeling. But is mesotherapy and contraindications. For example, it is contraindicated in cholelithiasis.
  • Chemical peeling. The procedure is applied to the skin of special acids: alpha-hydroxy acid that removes the upper horny layer of the skin, removing the particles from the surface of the skin of dead cells and activates the production of collagen; as well as phenolic and trichloroacetic acids that penetrate deep into the epidermis and contribute to its "burning". It should be noted that this method, how to remove stretch marks, fit is not for everyone, since this procedure is quite painful, and has a number of contraindications (cardiovascular system). But if you have decided on the way to remove stretch marks after giving birth, then it should only be carried out at a medical facility under the supervision of a physician experienced professional.
  • Laser peels. How to remove stretch marks laser? This requires some preparation. Before the procedure, the patient's skin for 1, 5-2 months cream is applied to the content of ascorbic acid and only thereafter stretching burned by a laser beam. The procedure itself is to remove stretch marks laser, should be carried out under general anesthesia, and its duration is approximately one hour. After the procedure the patient is recommended to spend two weeks in the hospital, because the skin then swollen and red. In order to accelerate the healing process of the skin using special regenerating cream. For three months after the procedure is not recommended to expose the skin under the open sunlight. That is why the process is preferably carried out in the autumn-winter period.
  • Abdomenoplastika. This surgical method of removing overstretched skin. Most suitable for this method of those who want to know how to remove stretch marks on the buttocks, stomach and thighs if they are long-standing, and other methods do not help them. Please be aware that, like any other surgery, abdomenoplastika can have a number of complications and lead to scarring and suppuration.