How to whiten the face of the Sun

Sometimes tan  How to whiten the face from the sun without damage to health
 It is uneven, manifested in the form of age spots or simply undesirable. Modern cosmetology in such cases offers us a wide range of means: how people's and professional.

How to whiten the face of the Sun: active means, time-tested

For example, quite a significant outcome in the home provide chemical acid peels. Before use, check for allergic reactions and hypersensitivity to substances included in this product. At the core of this bleaching cosmetics are salicylic, lactic or fruit acids.

Action acid peels compared with a slight burn, resulting in superficial pigmented (ie tanned) skin cells die off. Peeling is applied evenly to those areas of the skin that you want to whiten, except the eye area. Keep makeup on the face should be in strict compliance with the time indicated on the package.

Then you need to wash my face with water and mix thoroughly to remove all detergent residue from the skin. To enhance the effect of a chemical peel, it can be done after the mechanical exfoliation - using a scrub if your skin is oily or soft gommazha if it is dry and sensitive.

Before you whiten your face from the sun with it, make sure there are no allergic reactions or hypersensitivity to substances contained in this product. The composition of the bleaching masks can include juice or broth of parsley, lemon pulp or juice, yogurt or sour cream, cucumber, white clay, etc. After 15-30 minutes after application of the detergent residue wash off with warm water and applied to the face cream with SPF. Its level should be at least 15-20, preferably 25-30 and even higher.

Sunscreen can be successfully replaced by any children under the diaper cream if it contains zinc oxide. It is also advisable for the entire range of skin whitening procedures performed in the evening.

It should be noted that the chemical and mechanical peeling, except bleaching, have proven anti-aging effects based on the removal of dead skin and stimulate the growth of new skin cells young.

On the shelves of modern shops there are enough ready whitening creams; along with a host of new tools from different vendors, their position does not give proven effective for decades Bulgarian cream "Ahromin."

 How to whiten the face from the sun with the help of peels
 A radical way to the question: "How to whiten the face of the Sun?" Can become salon techniques, such as laser bleaching. And the home and professional treatments are unlikely to give tangible effect after one-time use. To achieve the desired visible results need to be patient and go through a complex course.

In the fight against unwanted facial tanner help decorative cosmetics, such as foundation and powder. Selected by 1-2 shades lighter shade of tan they apparently quite successfully help cope with the task.

Whiten the face of the Sun: how to avoid the problem

The skin should be protected from the effects of sunlight. Today it is well known that ultraviolet contributes to premature aging (photoaging), and the occurrence of melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and - a common cancer among white-skinned people.

Sunburn is gradually going out of fashion - it is replaced by a healthy, natural and smooth, natural skin color. Prevent the emergence of sunburn on the face can be using a hat with a wide brim, using sunscreen, and dosing their exposure to the sun. Direct sunlight is allowed only in the morning (optimally to 11-12) and evening (after 16) hours.