Tanning is an imitation of a natural tan skin. It gives the skin a nice even color desired shade and intensity tanning effect appears quickly after application to the same self-tanning face and body safe, unlike sunlight.  Atozagar - imitation of a natural tan

You can apply a professional tanning in a salon or do it yourself at home.

Self-tanning products

Bronze tanning effect can be achieved with the use of cosmetics in two varieties - and bronzatov avtobronzatov.

According to reviews, tanning obtained from the use of bronzatov less durable, it lasts only a few hours. The structure consists of only bronzata colorants, they are easily washed off with water as paint over only the upper layer of the epidermis.

Tanning body using bronzatov lets look slim and fit. Cosmetic line includes creams, lotions with the effect of sunburn, dry oil.

Quite often a component bronzata are reflective particles in which the skin gets nice shine and shimmer. Due to this effect the skin looks smoother appearance, on the surface become invisible irregularities and areas of hyperpigmentation.

After using avtobronzatov tanning, reviews, lasts for several days. Avtobronzatov operating principle is based on the chemical reaction of its components with the protein ingredient in skin cells. Through this reaction, the upper layers of skin cells acquire a characteristic bronze color. Cosmetics are the variety of instant action, and such, the effect of which is shown gradually.

Avtobronzaty not protect the skin from harmful sun rays of the spectrum, so you should apply sunscreen in the case of a long stay in the sun.

For light shades of tanned skin beauticians recommend using milk. And in order to achieve a more intense and darker, tan face or body should be used as a mousse or napkins.

Tanning at home

Get beautiful bronze skin tone may be using Self-tanning at home. Before applying bronzer should take a shower with a scrub or body scrub. In order to tanning lay down on the skin smoothly, experts recommend to make a pre-waxed, apply the tool should be just dry skin.

There are certain features of use of tanning at home. To prevent uneven spots and for a more natural appearance, before application of self-tanning recommended usual cream mix with a ratio of 1: 1 and the mixture is applied to the body.

When using tanning should be applied in a plastic gloves to avoid skin was painted hands, and after the procedure, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Immediately after applying tanning do not wear tight clothes or light, a means of self-tanning can paint it.

The delicate skin in the area of ​​the knees, armpits, elbows colored tanning faster than in other areas, so it takes less money to create the effect of sunburn in these places. You can also pre-applied to the skin of these areas cream or moisturizing lotion.  The device for applying self-tanning in the salon

The direction of the application of self-tanning - from the feet to the shoulders, the means needed to apply a uniform thin layer. Tanning Face applied with a cotton pad without touching the eyelids and lips.

Experts cosmetologists that cause tanning in the salon, and the day before the procedure is not advised to use perfumes and cosmetics to avoid undesirable reactions of their interaction with the self-tanning.

Contraindications for the application of self-tanning

Tanning is not recommended for use in wounds, cuts and other violations integrity of the skin. Contraindications are also chronic diseases with skin manifestations - psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema and others. Pregnant women should also refrain from the use of this tool, it can indirectly affect the status of the fetus.

All tanning dries the skin, it can adversely affect the condition of the already dry and thin skin.