How to make the weave hair at home
 A variety of hair coloring, in which the effects of paint served only a few strands, is highlighting. This method is considered to be the most restrictive because the repetition of the procedure takes an average of one every three months.

Popryadnogo staining technique is quite complicated, it requires certain skills, so it is best to perform staining with an experienced master barber, but not everyone means the procedure in a beauty salon. That is why many women make the choice to home dyeing hair, which may allow to achieve the desired result.

There are many varieties of dyeing - a classical, gentle, American Venice, California, baleyazh, Ombre, diagonal, etc., With which you can create any image - from the romantic and natural, to the extravagant and unique.

It is important, before embarking on the study of the question of how to do hair weave at home, know that to perform the procedure after a recent coloring ammonia or henna dyes and perms, you can not. This is because, firstly, there is a risk to get a completely unexpected results in terms of color, and secondly, it is possible to break the structure of the hair, they will fall much, pushitsya and break and split the tips.

How to make hair weave: Ways

There are several ways to accomplish dyeing hair at home, namely:

  • Using a special cap;
  • Metal foil;
  • Using a special brush;

Highlighting using caps allows for the natural hair color, but this method is the most complex, requires care and patience. For either procedure, you must purchase a special box set, which will include all the necessary tools and structure for home dyeing hair, or buy everything separately. So, if you get a special set failed, for this process must be obtained at:

  • Bathing cap or a tight plastic bag;
  • Crochet hook or long hairpin (to pull the strands of the cap);
  • Brightening paint oxidant developer or bleaching powder;
  • Non-metallic bowl for breeding stock;
  • Disposable gloves;
  • Towel;
  • Special shampoo and hair after dyeing.

Homemade hair weave using suitable caps to owners of short hair, the length of which does not exceed 15 cm. The cap or plastic bag to be done in a staggered holes, the number and width of which depends on frequent or rare highlights a woman wants to do.

The product is put on the head in selected holes using hooks or studs extend locks of hair, which subsequently will be painted. It is important that before coloring hair are dry, carefully combed and preferably unwashed for several days.

Further, according to the manufacturer's instructions, you need to prepare a composition for dyeing hair at home, and then use a brush to put it into strands. Depending on the desired outcome, as well as natural hair color, the paint is necessary to withstand 15 (for the faint lightening) to 45 minutes (for an intensive selection).

After enduring the necessary amount of time the composition on the hair, it should be thoroughly washed with running water strands, with the cap can not be removed. Only after this cap is removed, all the hair should be washed with a special shampoo and then they put health wine. Further, depending on the woman's preference, the strands can either leave a clarified or toned blocked in any fashion group.

Popryadnoe painting with a brush or perform only bangs or some strands are usually wide. Before the start of staining must be carefully comb dry hair, parted in the middle and make the familiar outline strands that will be painted. Further, according to the instruction, preparing a coloring composition which is then applied by brush to the home hair highlighting applied to the raised strand, to a level lower than 0, 5-1 cm from the root zone.

To paint over the occipital area, you must use two mirrors, or ask someone for help. The formulation is then kept right amount of time, washed off the strands with water, then shampoo to clean the whole head and applied balm.

Domestic weave hair length exceeding 15 cm, the foil is considered the most effective and simple. Should be cut beforehand 7-10 cm foil strips define strands to be painted, and the paint prepared. The foil is placed under a selected strand to which the composition is applied, and then wrapped and fastened by means of small clips hair. It is best to start at the beginning to paint the center of the head, then the right and left side and in the last instance the occipital region.

Colouring composition for hair dyeing household maintained according to the instructions, the foil is removed, rinsed off with strands of paint, and then thoroughly washed the whole head and applied balm.

Homemade hair weave: practical advice

 Homemade hair weave - recommendations hairdressers
 Before proceeding to the immediate implementation of the procedure, it is necessary to test for the presence of allergy to a dye. Usually, on the packaging or package insert manufacturers describe in detail the places where better to hold the sample, and it looks like a positive or negative response to the resulting composition.

Coloring is important to apply the mixture immediately after preparation, colored strands in any case can not cover the top with foil or shower cap, as this will damage the structure of hair.

It is better to carry out painting in the old unwanted clothes, because in contact with the ink composition onto the fabric to remain bright, no stains.

Homemade hair weave can generally be easy to implement on their own, but such experiments do not always end with a positive result, so it is best to perform the procedure from an experienced hairdresser.