Spanish massage

Spanish massage - a set of massage techniques, harmoniously combines a variety of techniques to achieve deep relaxation and restoration of tissue elasticity and skin.  Spanish facial massage session

The founder of the Spanish massage technique is a Spanish scientist Enrique Garcia, who perfected the technique of "Chiromassage" of its predecessor - the doctor Ferrandis was founded in Spain in the early twentieth century, a massage school.

The new technique Enrique Garcia has been developed in the Institute of manual therapy and was named INMASTER Gemolimfodrenazh.

Spanish massage is based on specific effects on the venous system and the interstitial fluid, plays an important role for the exchange of substances between blood and tissue cells.

As a relatively young system, Spanish massage combines not only the achievements of modern medicine and cosmetology, and techniques of Indian Ayurvedic medicine, yoga and Buddhist spiritual practice.

Spanish massage technique

The basis of the Spanish art of massage are:

  • No use in two different massage techniques as some combinations can have the opposite action;
  • A variety of techniques that takes into account the individual characteristics of the organism. Thanks to this technique eliminates the addictive Spanish massage techniques to repetitive, which increases their efficiency;
  • The inadmissibility of pain, which is achieved mastery of the masseur and his ability to possess plasticity methods. This ensures deep penetration into the tissue.

Apart from the Spanish health effect massage, reviews, it brings a sense of joy and pleasure.

Spanish facial massage

Spanish facial massage is valued primarily for muscle relaxation. This is achieved through a variety of techniques and the atmosphere that is created specifically for the session.

Stroking easy movements fingertips replaced plucked kneading muscles of the face (deep and superficial) or rubbing using the palm and dorsum of the hand. These techniques combine intensity and painless and include a relaxing effect on each muscle group.

In the opinion of Spanish massage not only brings relaxation and improvement of mental and emotional state. It improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and venous outflow of blood. This leads to an improvement of a relief and color, increasing its elasticity, smoothing of wrinkles and a significant reduction in edema, generally, the problem areas around the eye.

During the sessions of the Spanish massage is an oval face lift, as well as modeling of facial contours, which includes:

  • Lifting the upper eyelid with simultaneous correction of eyebrows forms;
  • Enlargement of lips (the effect of "silicone lips");
  • Smoothing of nasolabial fold area;
  • Reducing purse string and gravitational wrinkles;
  • Reducing the expression "double chin."

When expressed signs of wilting and atony Spanish massage, reviews, provides a rejuvenation of the neck and décolleté, and gives a sense of compactness and fit person.

Spanish facial massage for pregnant women, which eliminates the characteristic swelling and swelling of the face.

Spanish-body massage

Spanish body massage includes several unique techniques.

Miostrukturnaya massage technique lets you work out the deepest levels of tissue - tendons, muscles, bones and joints. The main purpose of this massage technique is the maximum muscle relaxation, reduction of spasticity and the phenomena of stagnation in the tissues, improving metabolic processes. After miostrukturnogo massage reduces pain symptoms, improves the contractile ability of muscle and joint mobility, as well as increases the overall tone of the tissues, which helps to slow down the aging process.  Spanish body massage session

In miostrukturnoy massage technique used large amounts of soft relaxing massage techniques, which are aimed at restoring muscle elasticity and improve the blood supply to both joint and soft tissue around it.

Biovaskulyarnaya massage technique is aimed at addressing the problems that are associated with vascular insufficiency. This kind of Spanish body massage improves lymphatic and venous drainage system of units. This allows to solve both problems of the cardiovascular system, and a lot of cosmetic problems associated with vascular disorders.

Anti-cellulite massage technique is aimed at correcting the subcutaneous tissue and local lipodystrophy changes in the skin, which often manifest as a change in the relief and color, as well as violation of elasticity and turgor of tissues. This technique includes a wide variety of massage techniques.

After the surface of the skin and stimulate thermoreceptors external capillary networks, there is a gradual entry into the subcutaneous fat, which is the morphological substrate of cellulite.

Somatoemotsionalnaya massage technique, based on the contrast of experiences, aimed at strengthening the nervous system.

Lymphatic drainage massage technique is used when the need for removal of tissue metabolic products and excess fluids.

Haemolymphatic massage technique is usually used to relieve prolonged stress, apathy, irritability and sleep disorders. In addition, it is aimed at restoring local blood circulation and reduces blood pressure.

Neyrosedativnaya massage technique is also used when increased irritability and prolonged stress, the effects of which are chronic fatigue and sleep disturbances. It is based on the stimulation of certain brain centers that can cause deep relaxation.

Neyrosedativny Spanish massage increases the body's adaptive capacity and resilience to stress. The result is a decrease in activity of the dominant hemisphere, as well as the release of endorphins, having anti-stress effect. This massage technique is based on the weak, monotonous, slowly changing perceptions that lead to maximum relaxation.

Indications Spanish body massage

In addition to the cosmetic effect, Spanish massage has a pronounced therapeutic effect:

  • To reduce swelling;
  • In the treatment of varicose veins;
  • When treating lymphostasis;
  • To relieve stress;
  • When lowered immunity;
  • When malnutrition cells and tissues;
  • For lowering blood pressure.

Contraindications to the Spanish massage

Not recommended Spanish massage on the background:

  • Diseases in the acute stage;
  • Malignant neoplasms;
  • Skin diseases;
  • Bronchial asthma in the flowering period.

Beauticians recommend to hold sessions of the Spanish massage is not more than 3 times a week course of 10-12 sessions.