Lunar Calendar haircut and hair coloring - whether to stick with it
 It is believed that the hairstyle and hair color change not only the appearance of the woman, but her aura and aura. From ancient times the fair half of mankind were very serious about the process of change in the length or hair color, because it was believed that from that moment the woman change her life, but in what direction - positive or negative depended on the phase in which at that time remained Moon .

So, for example, it is assumed that the most favorable period, according to the calendar of hair coloring and haircuts, is the first and the second phases of the moon - the period after the full moon, when the celestial body begins to grow.

Particular importance was attached to at all times of the first baby haircut, since it is this, according to supporters of the lunar calendar, will determine the condition of the hair and their power in the future. The best time for trimming the growing baby is the period of the Moon, located in Libra or Leo.

At present, many women are skeptical about the calendar of hair coloring, but the majority of the beauty industry a serious approach to this issue, and depending on the lunar cycle plan to schedule cosmetic services - haircuts, waxing and dyeing for many Hollywood stars.

Calendar of hair coloring: practical advice

The period when the moon is in zodiac signs such as Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn or Libra, is the best for cutting hair, performed in order to restore their structure and the maximum acceleration of growth.

Women who want to have beautiful hair, it is best to carry out a wave of hair during a waning moon, abiding in Leo or Taurus. Despite the fact that the beauty industry offers a wide range of services for the conversion of flat rare curly hair fluffy hair, it is better to give preference to Biowave hair, which, unlike the chemical is a gentle method.

According to the calendar of hair coloring and cuts, favorable period for treatments, whether or keratinirovanie Biolaminirovanie performed in salons, or the use of nourishing masks at home is the residence of the Moon in the sign of Virgo.

It is believed that hair, cut in a full moon, growing thick and obedient, do not get confused and do not pushatsya that saves time on installation. Women seeking to stop hair loss and strengthen the roots, according to the lunar calendar, haircuts and hair coloring, should improve their appearance on the waning moon. The only drawback haircuts in this period is the time that the hair will grow much more slowly.

The most unfavorable days, according to the lunar calendar, for cutting and coloring hair is the presence of the Moon in the zodiac fish, Cancer and Aries. It is believed that during this period may appear shaggy and pushenie hair, restoring its structure stops will split ends and dandruff occurs.

One can say with certainty, whatever day of the week and phase of the moon may be assigned staining, the greatest influence on the final result of the procedure will be used to provide the quality of the paint, as well as the professionalism of the master barber. To preserve the structure of the hair and a positive result is better to use a professional paint on the basis of well-known manufacturers bezammiachnoy responsible for the quality of its products, and to carry out the procedure in the proven masters.

Hair coloring of the lunar calendar: the days of the week

In addition to the phase and zodiac signs, which remains the Moon, growth, density, luster and hair health is influenced by days of the week, each of which has its own patron planet.

Together with calendar hair coloring, this figure enables you to select the most auspicious day to visit the barber shop. It is important to know that scheduled for shearing or dyeing of day should harmonize birthday, otherwise the procedure may lead to completely opposite to the expected result.

So Monday is a patron of the Moon - haircut and coloring in this day help get rid of the accumulated negative and sad thoughts, but born on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday, to carry out the procedure is not recommended.

According to the lunar calendar, hair coloring and haircuts, the patron Tuesday is the planet Mars - after the procedure that day should get better health, receive activity, boldness and courage, strong will occur. However, born on Friday or Monday should be avoided Tuesday, as a result will be depressed, a tendency to SARS, will be a headache.

Hair coloring of the lunar calendar on Wednesday, the patron of which is Mercury, improve memory, restore the nervous system, increase efficiency and learning, stimulates logical thinking. To avoid this day of the week is born on Thursday.

Thursday is the patron saint of Jupiter - a haircut on this day will bring prosperity and popularity, the solution of urgent problems and changes in relationships with loved ones, but not those who were born on Wednesday.

Haircut and hair coloring of the lunar calendar on Friday, under the control of the planet Venus, will change the whole of life, will bring good luck, new friends and the fateful meeting. Was born on Tuesday, it is better not to appear at the hairdresser that day.

 Hair coloring of the lunar calendar - choose a good time
 Saturn, the patron of the Sabbath, a positive effect on the hair structure, and the physical and psychological condition of the person as a whole, but not for those who were born on Sunday.

The least favorable day for haircuts and hair coloring is considered to Sunday, the patron of which is the sun. Cutting off the hair in this day can turn away from him luck, attract problems and negative situations.

It is important to know that the "satanic" days and the lunar eclipse at all should get hairdressing party born on any day of the week.

Calendar hair dye as a whole is not devoid of any scientific evidence, but just try and decide for yourself whether this technique is effective, it is necessary for everyone.