Technique pickling hair
 Pickling in hairdressing - the process of removing unwanted hair with colored shades. It often happens that the painting does not bring the expected result - the paint falls unevenly, or get "dirty" color is due to the mixing of different colors. The probability of occurrence of such unpleasant consequences is very high in the dyeing at home. Of course, mistakes hairdresser can also lead to a subsequent pickling of the need to completely "wash away" the traces of his work, but this is much less common than in trying to save their own and cause hair in order.

When required pickling

Pickling is carried out to remove:

  • Divorce paint;
  • Unwanted shade;
  • Overloaded color.

A common cause of pickling is the desire of women to radically change their appearance, lighten dark or red hair. In addition, some staining techniques such as Ombre or brondirovanie envisage partial lighting.

Pickling - very time-consuming procedure. It does not always achieve the desired color at a time, because the entire length of hair can get unpredictable color, from white to orange. Result pickling hair colorists of reviews, much depends on how much time the painting was used a dark color.

Technique pickling

When pickling or lightening the hair is treated with powdered drugs, or special fluids. The procedure should begin with the darkest areas, consistently moving toward lighter. Master determines the exposure was based on what was the original color of the hair and the result tends to reach the customer. According to the instructions for use, exposure should not exceed 50 minutes. Then thoroughly wash all the preparations for the next coloring hair is not dark. After pickling is applied tinted or resistant dye that should be on one tone lighter than desired.

When you delete any artificial pigments suffer hair and scalp, so please observe the following safety rules:

  • Pre-test for allergies and skin sensitivity;
  • Liquid formulations applied over the sink, using no brush and sponge;
  • Do not pickle with remnants of hair and henna Basma;
  • Only work with gloves.

Mixing pickling must occur strictly on prescription. The composition typically comprises water, shampoo and bleach drug itself. From the mixing ratio depends on whether the mixture is weak or strong.

Poor concentration clarifiers called blond-washing. This method is used to remove a tint or unstable supersaturated dyes. The most effective blond-washing in the first day after the unsuccessful staining.

Set the number of components for easy pickling may vary:

  • 20 ml of shampoo 10 g bleaching powder, 100 g of hot water;
  • 20 g of powder and 100 g of hot water without further additives;
  • 30 g powder and 120 ml of activator;
  • 1 part shampoo, powder 3 parts 3 parts oxidant (6%) and 4, 5 parts of warm water.

 Pickling hair - feedback and recommendations
 The mixture is cooked on one of these recipes quickly spread over the hair to dye retired as evenly as possible. The tips of the largest number of artificial pigments, so they pay special attention to, emulsifying the mixture. After a few minutes the hair is thoroughly washed. If the color is not the best achieved, the procedure may have to be repeated 2-3 times.

Strong pickling effectively regardless of how long ago produced staining. As an example, such formulations:

  • 15 grams of shampoo, 30 g of the powder 60 g of water, 30 g of oxidant (6%, 9%);
  • 20 g of shampoo 20 g of powder, 20 g water, 20 g of the oxidant (3%, 6%, 9%).

The oxidizing agent is selected for the original color: the darker the hair, the greater the percentage of the activator. Different manufacturers offer their recommendations for mixing to be followed.

Pickling - an aggressive process, but sometimes it is indispensable. Compliance with safety regulations, as well as the correct disposal of unwanted master tones can alleviate unpleasant consequences for the hair.