Gel Manicure

Gel manicure - processing procedure fingernails, for which the manicurist uses special light-curing gels or UV gels.  Gel manicure - processing nails with the help of special gels

The standard set for the gel nail includes:

  • Gel coatings of various colors (single-phase, three-phase, soak-off gels or biogels;
  • Integrated brush (for applying varnish);
  • Base Gel;
  • Finish gel;
  • Orange sticks;
  • How to work with the gel varnishes;
  • ultraviolet lamp.

The most popular gel manicure kits are a means of LCN X-TAME and EzFlow TruGel, which, in the opinion of consumers, different from those of the highest quality materials and ease of use.

Before we proceed to the gel manicure, you must initially make dry manicure. The advantage of a gel manicure is a limitation of the nail plate from the negative impact of external mechanical damage.

Better gel manicure procedure in the salon to do as an experienced specialist in addition to high-quality application of the gel on your nails can make nails any shape and make a beautiful picture. Correction of nails done once a month, during which a special solution is removed or cut away the existing layer of gel manicure is dry, and then apply a new layer of gel.

Unlike procedures gel nail manicure does not harm the nail plate, as well as stimulating growth and thickness of the layer of natural nails.

How to make a gel manicure at home?

At home gel manicure is done with a special set for the gel nail. If there is a special set, then after making a dry manicure can initiate the procedure. Firstly, it is necessary to degrease the nail plate and remove the excess moisture from it. After that, the nails applied the base gel layer, and by means fajberglass or silk can increase the length of the nail and to give them the desired shape. Then, a layer of gel modeling then fixed final coating. If the acquired set includes UV lamps, with the help of the whole process can be accelerated, as it is used to dry the gel layer.  UV lamp is a standard set for the gel nail polish

Removal Gel Manicure

There are two ways to release the nail plate from the gel base after gel manicure. The first way is that the gel is removed from the nails using an acetone solution. Concentrated pure acetone is necessary to pour into a small bowl, cover it with plastic wrap or foil attached on the edges of a rubber band. Then acetone bowl must put in a water bath and heated for three or five minutes. Once the tool is cooked, it is necessary to smear the skin around the nail vaseline, lotion or balm, moisten cotton disk in acetone, put it on the nail and screw it into the top strip of aluminum foil to hold in place. Half an hour is necessary to remove the foil and cotton pads with nails. The gel should depart immediately, if it does not need to extend the process for another 10-15 minutes.

The second way - sawing gel layer with nails. Using wire cutters, cut the nails must be as short as possible. Then, using coarse grained nail files from 150 to 180 grit to start slow movements saw off the top layer of the gel. Particular attention should be paid to dust generated by sawing, the lower it gets, the closer to the natural nail. When a thick layer of gel is removed, it is necessary to take a less coarse and finer nail file and a slow pace to continue. After the gel is removed, hands must be treated with a cream or lotion, a new layer of gel is desirable to apply no earlier than one week.