Eye Tattoo

Eye Tattoo is a special technique of applying paint to simulate cosmetic eye makeup. This technology can be used to hide defects and scars on the face, as well as improving the shape of the eye.  Eye Tattoo - an imitation of cosmetic make-up

Features Eye Tattoo

It is better to carry out the procedure tattoo eye during the cold season to avoid sources of infection, active sweating and risk of infection. Before the procedure cosmetologist administered anesthetic drug lidocaine, which relieves pain and reduces swelling and bleeding.

In some salons for tattoo use a special eye ointment and sprays to reduce inflammation. If the procedure is carried out in the spring and summer, the permanent makeup requires careful maintenance.

Beautician tattoo may hold eyes filling mezhresnichnoe space, adjusting the shape of the eye and creating an imitation of natural makeup. Special pigments mezhresnichnoe fill space, so lashes are thicker and voluminous. If necessary, you can increase the black line above the eye. To do this, fill the space from the beginning of the growth of eyelashes, and to draw the corner of the eye is filled with pigment border growth of hairs or the space to the extreme point of the century.

Good reviews tattoo eye has as a corrective procedure is particularly effective when drawing arrows that create a clear path over the lash line, depending on the shape of the eye can be filled mezhresnichnoe space or leave it open.

Through the eyes tattooing can create a lasting effect without perfect natural makeup cosmetics.

Methods of applying the tattoo eye

In cosmetology, there are several types of tattoo drawing the eye, but the most effective is the intradermal method. This method is a correction of the color changes in the skin, which is intended to eliminate pigmentation and scarring, giving the eye contour.

The method of dermabrasion is inefficient and difficult for the skin. This method is based on laser or chemical correcting skin imperfections with the introduction of a special pigment to make the circuit.  The procedure for applying the tattoo eye

Intradermal tattoo eye integrates several techniques applying pigment in the layer of the epidermis. This method can be used for eyebrows and eyes. Positive feedback such as intradermal tattoo eyes got as a safe and effective procedure, which resulted in the eyebrows are groomed and crisp, and the lashes acquire volume.

Eye tattoo procedure should be carried out under sterile conditions using a specially treated needles to avoid contracting various diseases, including herpes, hepatitis, HIV and syphilis.

Recommendations and contraindications

The consequences of an eye tattoo conducted in the wrong conditions can be serious complications and damage to the skin. After the procedure until complete healing is necessary to stop the solarium, sauna and baths.

Within a month, it is necessary to lubricate the skin anti-inflammatory ointments and creams for the care of tattoos. The surface coated with permanent makeup can not rub the washcloth, wash with hot water and process scrubs.

Incorrect care tattoo eye effects can be allergic reactions, skin rashes and inflammation. If you have painful symptoms and signs of inflammation is necessary to address immediately to the doctor or beautician.

Eye Tattoo contraindicated in diabetes, allergies, asthma, cancer, severe cardiovascular diseases, herpes, skin infections, epilepsy, open wounds, severe chronic diseases and circulatory disorders.