Pumpkin diet

 Pumpkin - the main ingredient in pumpkin diet
 Pumpkin - a melons, it contains lots of beta-carotene, vitamins B1 and B2, PP, C, E, magnesium, calcium, zinc, cobalt, fluorine, potassium, silicon.

Successfully used pumpkin diet for weight loss due to such composition and low content crude fiber, organic acids - vegetable is well tolerated even in inflammation of the intestine or stomach, it helps to cope with iron deficiency anemia, strengthens the immune system, cleanse the body of toxins.

Another advantage of using pumpkin diet is that pumpkin, unlike other seasonal vegetables, fruits and berries can be used throughout the year - it is well kept, without losing taste and medicinal properties.

Menu pumpkin weight loss diet

A lot of positive feedback about the pumpkin diet for 12 days. Every 4 days the menu is repeated, but in this case it is quite diverse and causes no psychological discomfort.

First day menu pumpkin diet

  • For breakfast, preparing porridge pumpkin, pumpkin salad. Salad made from grated raw pumpkin (100 g) and carrots (1 pc), seasoned with lemon juice and its olive oil. To prepare the porridge pumpkin cut into cubes (200g), cooked with rice or oatmeal (1 tablespoon), add a little salt.
  • Lunch: pumpkin soup. For in addition to pumpkin soup can take any vegetables that have at certain times of the year: zucchini, tomatoes, bell peppers, potatoes, carrots. Cook soup conventional method, no more hour. It can fill passaged in vegetable oil with onions, greens.
  • For dinner, you can cook the pumpkin stew. For the preparation of this dish will need low-fat cottage cheese, greens, black pepper and lemon juice. Pumpkin should be cut into large slices, bake at 180 ° C in an oven (30 minutes), and then get it, sprinkle with black pepper, sprinkle with cheese with herbs.

Menu pumpkin diet the second day

  • Breakfast: salad, pumpkin porridge. Prepared by the same principle, but for a change, when cooking porridge, you can add other grains.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup, pumpkin chops. The soup is cooked on the water, from any available vegetables. Chops are prepared as follows: cut the pumpkin into small pieces, sprinkle with lemon juice, collapses in batter (egg, mixed with flour) and fry with a little vegetable oil over low heat.
  • Dinner: baked apples or fresh.

Menu of the third day diet pumpkin

  • Breakfast: Pumpkin and carrot salad with pumpkin porridge.
  • Lunch: soup with vegetable broth or water with meatballs. For the meatballs must take a minimum amount of fat meat - rabbit, chicken, beef.
  • Dinner: salad of pineapple and pumpkin. The ingredients are diced, mixed, no refuel, insist 15 minutes. Before use, you can sprinkle a small amount of crackers.

Menu fourth day of pumpkin diet

  • Breakfast: pumpkin salad and porridge.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup or vegetable soup, sweet pepper, baked in the oven or on the grill.
  • Dinner: pumpkin stew. Prepare stew familiar way of pumpkin (200g), zucchini (100g), mushrooms (100g), carrots and onions (1 piece). You can add a little vegetable oil.  Pumpkin diet for weight loss

Drinks, non-carbonated mineral water is allowed, unsweetened tea. Snacking between meals can be vegetables, unsweetened fruit.

For those who find it difficult to follow a diet during the week a pumpkin diet for weight loss, you can observe only on weekends, alternating meals on your own.

In addition, it is important to comply with such conditions of diet - dinner no later 18.00-19.00, eliminate salt and sugar, alcohol, coffee, cooking oil, flour.

Observe pumpkin diet can not all 12 days and stay at four and implement pumpkin fasting days regularly every week or two.

Judging by the reviews, pumpkin diet allows for 4 days away 2-3 kilograms, and about 8 kilograms - 12 days. Good result gives a combination of pumpkin diet fitness, regular jogs.

Contraindications pumpkin diet

Pumpkin diet is contraindicated in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, especially in the acute stage, the pancreas.